Bose ® CineMate 15 Home Cinema Soundbar Speaker System : Superb sound quality

Fantastic sound, bulky bass box. The bose cinemate speaker system comes well packaged in a large box comprising a base unit, a sound bar, power cable, assorted connection cables and a remote control. I would say that the photograph of the item in the publicity material is a little misleading. The sound bar measures approximately 30cm x 6cm x 8cm and is not particularly stylish. It is designed to sit centrally in front of your television. The base unit/bass/low frequency speaker is large by comparison measuring approximately 49cm x 22cm x 36cm and is consequently not easily hidden behind your television shelving, again it is not stylish. It’s difficult to see how the sound bar and base unit can be visually appealing if you have a wall mounted flat screen television. A supplied power cable is connected to the base unit which in turn is connected to the sound bar using the attached speaker cable. There is a choice of audio connection to the television using either an optical cable, a coaxial cable or analogue cables. Fortunately our television had provision for an optical connection which is stated to provide the best audio performance.

Superb speakers from bose, they make watching the tv a whole new experience. First off, there are only two speakers, one smallish one to place in front of the tv, and a really big sub-woofer (like a desktop computer tower). I had no space to put the sub-woofer flush next to the tv console table so it now sticks out next to the fireplace (those with a bigger living room can place it somewhere else because the cable is 3m long). The required cables are supplied, and we chose the optical cable because it’s the one with the best audio and also because (more importantly) the optical socket in the tv was free. The hardware was really easy to connect and set up. It took a few goes to programme the remote to control the telly. This is a universal remote, and can be used with cable boxes and dvd players as well as tv’s. Unfortunately i can only use it to control the tv as i have a sony (google) box, apple tv and ps3 connected and the remote can’t control these things. I was really impressed with this speaker system.

A very nice system if you’re simply looking for better sound from your tv. However, if you want a form of surround sound from your sound bar, this is definitely not for you. There’s no surround sound whatsoever, but it is a nice improvement on your standard tv sound-is that really worth £550???the bass unit is not wireless and has 2 very thick cables connecting to the sound bar; the cables are far too thick to go under the carpet so the bass unit really needs to sit behind the tv so you can’t hide it behind the sofa. I’ve returned my unit and i’m now considering the bose 130 because i want surround sound.

Key specs for Bose ® CineMate 15 Home Cinema Soundbar Speaker System – Black:

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  • Full, bold sound that spreads well beyond the soundbar itself
  • Rich bass tones from the Acoustimass module bring movies, sports and video games to life
  • Fits easily in front of the TV and connects with just one cable
  • Multiple audio inputs: choice of digital optical, coaxial and analogue
  • All-in-one universal remote for the TV, cable box and more

Comments from buyers

“The power and clarity that I just couldn’t get from budget soundbars, Excellent sound but bass speaker somewhat on the huge side., Rumble and roar.”

We decided to buy 2 new audio systems after the one in the living room was just getting a bit annoying, there were too many speakers and cables behind it. Since we already own a few bose products we decided to purchase one of these for the living room and a solo 15 for one of the bedrooms. This system was very easy to setup. We simply had to position the small module in front of the tv and the acoustimass module beside the tv stand. The instructions were clear and i was pleased to see the system came with multiple cable options for different types of tvs. Our tv had the preferred optical input so we used that, but if you have an older tv then you can use standard left and right audio cables that are all provided. The universal remote was something i really liked. It allows you to get rid of all of your other remotes and just use one for controlling everything. I didn’t like using universal remotes in the past as they were usually very cumbersome to configure, but the cinemate 15 came with a book full of remote control codes, and after a couple of minutes, i had my sky+hd box and panasonic tv setup to be controlled.

Bose cinemate is home cinema. This sound system is simple to set up, including an easy to engage controller for system and tv, a universal remote, intuitive set up with a minimum of cables and calibration. There is also a good set of easily understood instructions provided in the inlay card. The quality is excellent, both design quality and sound quality. In terms of design quality the system is compact, complete and not complicated to set up, there is just one cable connection. In terms of sound quality the sound is fantastic, there is a powerful base, output is excellent and really impressive, it totally transforms the viewing experience and makes viewing more like the experience of being in a cinema. With a good quality tv, hd or 3d tv the bose cinemate completes the set to view some great dvd or film content as it was intended to be viewed. I am not a gamer but i could easily understand how this sort of sound system could really improve the gaming experience too, especially given the extent to which survival horror games or the latest adventure or combat emulators depend upon sound as much as visuals for frighten or excite players. Overall the system provides exceptional quality sound without wires and multiple speakers, by far exceeding performance of systems that require all that.

Being bose you know this is going to be a quality product. It arrives well packaged and looks sleek right out of the box. The front speaker is unobtrusive and sits just in front of the television. The acoustimass module on the other hand is much larger than i thought it would be. Although i sat it next to my television stand it still stood out quite noticeably. Saying that, it is powerful and gives a good base sound. The overall sound is rich, and the surround sound is particularly noticeable with action movies and music videos. In order to control the volume, you use the supplied remote control. Although it said you could use it to control the television and sky box, i have not yet worked out how to do this.

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