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These bose speakers are too good for my laptop. After one listen to them i decided the plug them into my tv instead and that’s where they will stay. I already have a bose docking station for my ipod so i was already fully aware of how fantastic that sounds but i have to say that i am even more impressed by these speakers. They offer a fantastic clear and crisp sound at all volumes but with a very rich bass sound too. I was thinking about getting a surround sound system for my living room but have scrapped that idea now because of these speakers and saved myself a few hundred pounds too. You have to hand it to bose, they really do make fantastic speakers. I can’t recommend them enough.

When looking at active speakers for my pc it came down in the end to a choice between these and the creative t30s. Finding some specialist reviews on both the t30s actually came out slightly on top – but, their lower end was only described as ‘adequate’. Now i wanted these for mainly iplayer style use and music, not gaming, and i wasn’t going to be playing at high volumes in the main – so the bose became my choice as good bass as lower volumes close-up is where many speakers and devices fall down. I wasn’t disappointed, these sound absolutely lovely as all volumes. I note on a couple of reviews on here the lack of tone controls. I personally don’t find this to be a problem, as the pc (windows) has eq controls through the sounds options including the ability to customise, and my ipod of course has eq profiles too. And to be honest i prefer the restrained styling over the flashier gamer styles. In summary, these sound wonderful to my ears and i have no hesitation in recommending.

I absolutely love these speakers after being only familiar with the more widely known and used brands such as logitec providing my speaker solutions for the home computer. For only two speakers these certainly pack a punch and deliver crisp sounds without the need for a solid bass solution or combination. I can definitely hear a far wider range of instruments and noise overall which i’ve only experienced with iem headphones, i’m definitely excited to think about going for a full bose speaker system or home theatre solution in the future due to the awesome-ness that these speakers have brought.

  • Excellent clarity and depth in such small speakers
  • Good, powerful and portable
  • Very good sound considering the size and cost!

Respectable sound engineered from cheap components. This is the first time i have trusted my cash to bose. I’ve seen the marketing for years and always assumed that they would be overpriced tat. Having been impressed by the power (if not the transparency) of the creative gigaworks t20 speakers i was all set to upgrade to the t40s when i started reading the reviews for these boses. I liked the idea of having the power and the price bracket of the t40s with a more neutral, transparent sound so i took the plunge. I work a lot with sound in my regular job and occasionally freelance as a sound recordist/dubbing mixer using a variety of professional studio monitors costing many hundreds of pounds so i know that ‘neutral’ is slightly subjective, but i have always maintained that with the correct filtering and engineering it is possible to get a flat – if limited – frequency response from cheaper domestic speakers. Bose seem to be striving for the apotheosis of this ideal. The units that i received are slightly smaller than even the gigaworks t20s and considerably less impressive to look at. Everything has been pared down to an absolute minimum so they aren’t flashy at all, which is an approach that appeals to me. The clip-on 3-pin power adapter seems worryingly flimsy and the provided audio cable cheap but adequate.

Decent speakers but not thrilling. The sound quality is quite good as you would expect from a bose speaker. But there is a limit that you can increase the volume up to. Its nice to fill a small room with sm decent musix sound to enjoy alone,. But dont expect it to be used for a party with friends.

Features of Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speaker System – Black

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  • High quality audio performance with clear sound at any volume
  • Wide, lifelike sound delivered by two elegant speakers
  • Play an additional device – just connect to the auxiliary input
  • Volume control/headphone jack on front of right speaker

Amazing for mac & record player. I never really bother with reviews but i felt i had to for these incredible speakers. . I always wanted some bose speakers and because they were a reasonable price i thought why not?. I hooked these up (with extreme ease) to my mac and they blew me away instantly. I tested them out with ‘hey now’. & ‘some might say’ by oasis and i heard things i have never heard before; backing harmonies, additional guitar parts etc. And not only that, they enhanced the sound so much it was such an experience. There’s a very good level of bass which packs a punch but isn’t too overpowering and the vocals are so clear in the mix. I also use these speakers to play my records and they sound stunning. I purchased an additional phono >>>aux cable and connected my record player.

Bose ® companion ® 2 series iii multimedia speaker system. After reading numerous reviews, the choice became a tossup between creative t40s and these. I chose these because of their smaller size and glad i did to save space on my already cluttered desk. The sound is crystal clear with not too much base which is ideal for my listening preferences but may not be suitable for youngsters who feel it necessary to make the window panes vibrate.

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