Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System, 5 star sound, 1 star app.

Great sound system as expected from bose. Fills an average sized room perfectly and knocks my sonos play1 in the corner. The preset buttons on the top are really a great little feature, waking up in the morning just tap the button and on comes my preset station rather than getting out my phone and fumbling to find what i want.

Really nice sound; some user interface quirks. The bose soundtouch 10 is described as a wireless music system. This is a fair enough description, but anybody considering this device should be aware that you’ll need an external control source (i used both an android phone and pcs running windows 8. 1 and windows 10) there is a definite hierarchy of wireless sources it prefers. First: the sound from this device is very good, and unless the rooms in your place of use are *really* big, this will provide big sound in most indoor room sizes. Some may find the midrange slightly too bright, but across a range of programming types (from classical to acoustic to hard rock), i found the overall sound clear and pleasing. The on-device interface and remote control is simple: power, present and volume buttons. The face of the soundtouch also has four subtle leds to indicate wifi, bluetooth, aux and oveall soundtouch status. The complexity is off the device, and arrives during set-up and configuration. What it likes for sources:-internet radio via wifi-bluetooth devices-some streaming services (pandora, spotify, iheartradio, deezer users are good to go; if you use amazon, slacker or anything else, the soundtouch 10 does not currently support those services).

Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System – Black

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  • Listen wirelessly to music across your home
  • Fast connection to Wi-Fi in a matter of minutes
  • App for easily controlling your music on your phone
  • Bose SoundTouch systems allow the same or different music to be played in each room

I am so glad that i went with this choice. I am so glad that i went with this choice. Easy to set up via bluetooth. I did download the app but don’t really need it. The sound is fantastic and as most people have said, it is really really loud. I know it’s a winner as my son is trying to steal it.

Fantastic system with usual bose sound quality. Bought this after looking at several alternatives and given the price point of this i decided to give the bose a try. Delivery was much slower than expected, especially given it was ‘expedited delivery’ (took a week to arrive). However this is now available on prime so i must just have car timing. The unit itself is fantastic. Its actually a bit smaller than expected and fits nicely into any space. For such a small unit, i found the sound quality to be excellent with very little distortion when turned up to full volume. Theres also a bass adjustment on the app which is helpful as i found the default setting to be slightly too bass heavy at higher levels. This wasn’t an issue for the speaker to handle, however its simply a personal preference. In terms of set up, i was surprised how easy it was.

A very impressive unit indeed. . The fact that most of the poor or bad reviews of this speaker are often related to people’s troubles with connectivity is kind of a good thing. I have read a few and some suggest just a simple lack of understanding of the technology, which is understandable. That said, i’d say this is pretty damn simple to set up. Bose do not (as of january 2017) have an alexa skill but have claimed they are looking to release one early 2017. Until then, it’s simply a matter of adding the soundtouch 10 as a bluetooth device in the alexa app for obviously more limited experience than with the alexa skill. If you are buying this simply to spurt bluetooth audio from a phone, pad or computer then it’s a simple as any other speaker to set up. Just remember to disconnect one device before trying to sync another one. I listened to a number of different bluetooth speakers for around a couple of hours before buying this. We already have the excellent marshall acton bluetooth speaker which whilst a little cheaper (when we bought it) sounds very close in quality to the bose.

Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System – Black : Took a long time to decide between sonos and bose, but the bluetooth capability made the choice for me. Easy to set up, sounds great, very loud, if you need it to be and straightforward to use. I use spotify and a nas and audio books via bluetooth. Got a 20 and a 10 and i will be buying more.

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