Canton DM 50 TV Sound Plinth / Bar : Top product that’s sounds great!!

I chose this soundbase for a couple of reasons; it’s to fit into an alcove beneath a new 40′ tv (ie: not enough width/space for a long soundbar), it doesn’t require a separate sub (the wires for a remote sub-bass things look cluttered), and the reviews of its audio quality were excellent. Out of the box, i managed to get the system installed within minutes. Connected to the tv, then programmed the canton dm50 with the tv’s remote so we only need the one remote so my wife doesn’t complain too much. Results: the soundbase fits perfectly under the tv-stand – literally looks like they were made for each other(and worth remembering to check measurements beforehand ). It’s completely clean-looking – discreet and without trailing wires. And the sound is phenomenal. Crisp at the top end, punchy in the bass. I mean it not only makes my ps4 games sound like they’re supposed to (the guns in destiny really sound like they have oomph, and battlefront tie fighters have a proper throaty screech), it makes everyday stuff sound immense. Who knew the theme for pointless had that much sonic woof ?options to change the bass and treble to suit your own taste, and to select from three preset eqs to reflect your set-up – whether the soundbase is sitting in a shelving unit, or beneath a tv, etc) you can also choose from two audio-ranges (wide and narrow).

Believe everything you have read about it. It is faultless and answers all but the most ardent audiophiles needs. Great tip about optical lead protectors – i left them on .

Anton sound bar by canton delivered by gadget-south-side. I have had this a few weeks now. It is a very accomplished system. The remote control is robust and includes blueooth for ipod/phone music playing whic is of good quality. I chose this system based on what hifi reviews d because it came 5th in their top 10. The other systems were considerably more expensive and larger. This suited me as it was a system that is all in one place and gives good overall sound effect for movies etc. The unit i have is a second delivery from canton.

Key specs for Canton DM 50 TV Sound Plinth / Bar, 2.1 Virtual Surround System with 200watts in Silver:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Available in 3 colours (Black, White & Silver)
  • Includes APTX Bluetooth, i.e. You can play music from your phone and tablets in high quality
  • Lets you use your TV remote to control volume
  • Built in Subwoofer
  • 2.1 Surround Sound

Comments from buyers

“Incredible Sound, Like a real cinema at home!, You get what you pay for”

Fantastic unit – great sound and good looks. Absolutely love this sleek bit of kit. The sound is amazing and i’m really pleased i bought it. Allowed me to get rid of all my surround speakers (including the sub as the bass from this soundbase is superb as well)thoroughly recommend. (tip: don’t mislay the remote as there are no controls on this unit)better looking than the usual boring soundbars.

Outstanding speakers and supplier. After about 20 months mine stopped working. I sent it back and the supplier sent me an upgraded model. I am extremely pleased with the seller creative audio and the canton sound base.

Canton dm50 – beware of it’s compact dimensions. Although i did not purchase the canton from amazon i thought i would add a review as there is one point i did not consider which i suggest others should. Firstly however to the sound, i would rate it as an improvement on my tv’s sound but still not brilliant. It increases the bass and gives a rounder sound but where voices are unclear it does little to improve the listening experience. An example of this is the recent tv version of ‘jamaica inn’, i could not distinguish what they were saying on the canton or with the tv’s sound. I originally connected my canton directly to the tv with the optical lead provided. This method strangely made freeview come through at a much higher volume that was coming through my sky box or blue ray player. I have now connected the sky box and blue ray player directly to the canton and this has improved the volume to some extent we can now listen in the high 60’s on the volume dial as opposed to thje mid 70’s. I would have to use the tv sound for freeview but as i do not use this it is of no consequence to me. Now to my new point that i had not considered and i believe others need to be aware of.

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