Canton DM 50 TV Sound Plinth/Bar – Far better than expected

I had to have a white sound plinth to fit in with our completely white decor so the choice for research was severely restricted. However, having made a shortlist i then visited several specialists to listen to as many as i could, including a few which weren’t available in white. The canton stood out markedly from everything else, apart from the non-white sonos sound bar which was £200 more. It looks good, discreet and stylish, solidly built (this is not a flimsy piece of kit) and generally i am very pleased with the sound for both music and tv. I used to have an amazing separates sound system filling up two cabinets with speakers (black) on top, but having converted to digital this was the final piece in the jigsaw to replace the two black speakers. Admittedly the sound is not as good as the old system, which cost thousands of pounds 30 years ago, but it is still good and takes up a tiny fraction of the space. The reason for not giving it 5 stars: the bass has been turned down to the minimum (it is graded from -6 to +6) as otherwise the boom-boom on some music tracks can be to some ears distracting/annoying. Having done that it is perfectly acceptable. Although i purchased a tv wall bracket so that the plinth could sit below, i have ended up keeping the tv on one cabinet and the plinth 1.

Anton sound bar by canton delivered by gadget-south-side. I have had this a few weeks now. It is a very accomplished system. The remote control is robust and includes blueooth for ipod/phone music playing whic is of good quality. I chose this system based on what hifi reviews d because it came 5th in their top 10. The other systems were considerably more expensive and larger. This suited me as it was a system that is all in one place and gives good overall sound effect for movies etc. The unit i have is a second delivery from canton.

Check amazon germany for refurbished units. Just received mine from amazon. Absolutely brilliant, both on tv and bluetooth. Looks very good build quality; the remote it is simple but very sturdy. The sound is good, both on spoken word and music. Volume is enough to get complaints from your neighbours of you are getting a bit too enthusiastic. Got mine through germany as they had a factory refurbished unit for £130.

  • Incredible Sound
  • Like a real cinema at home!
  • You get what you pay for

As usual a very nice canton quality and compact item, sound experience ok but does not live up to expectation for the price. More importatntly as noted by some previous users, voice quality is awful.

Great service and even better sound. Great service and even better sound. I can switch off my sub titles now. Also, i am going to re watch the wire now i can hear everything.

Features of Canton DM 50 TV Sound Plinth/Bar, 2.1 200 W Virtual Surround Sound with Glass Top – Black

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  • Available in 3 colours (Black, White & Silver with Glass Top)
  • Includes APTX Bluetooth, i.e. You can play music from your phone and tablets in high quality
  • Lets you use your TV remote to control volume
  • Built in Subwoofer
  • 2.1 Surround Sound

All round excellent 5 star product. . Wow , purchased this to pal up with my lg 32′ which itself has a pretty good sound quality and output but the canton has improved on this tremendously the quality of sound is superb and their is plenty of output, very well built, nice size and simplistic design. Excellent product, just look at all the awards it has won, go buy it you will be pleased with your choice.

I put in a lot of time and effort researching sound bars, ended up with a short list of five, which in turn again, i researched, until this one ,was the only one left standing, after reading all the reviews on this particular subject, and boy it was worth all the hassle, so chuffed with this product, fantastic.

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