Canton DM55 2, The TV sounds excellent, I’m not into films so can’t comment on

Almost perfect but still wonderful alternative to separate ‘subs’ and rear speakers. I did exchange the white for the black but both are of equal build quality – we just felt that the black fitted in better for us. Also, purchased when on offer at £249 (nov 2016)wonderful, quality soundbasereplaced a wireless rear speaker surround sound system (one speaker failed)was apprehensive at first but after following the guidance to allow the canton speakers ‘settle’ over a few days, we’ve been 100% deligfhted with the quality of the sound. It’s possible to ‘tweak’ both the bass and the treble and the choice between stereo and surround makes a very noticeble difference on most films. Volume is way more than enough than we need or will ever use. Quality sound, though should be balanced and have sufficient ‘separation’ between full on bass and full on treble (i’m also sounding as if i’m very knowledgeable. I’m not, but i enjoy quality audio) to my ears, the canton does provide super clarity and ‘separation’ so that the spoken word or singing isn’t battling against ‘mushy’ ( it’s a persoanl technical term) background. It fits perfectly under our 4 legged samsung 40′ tvthe remote controler is re-assuringly ‘weighty’ and cleverly but simply designed. Well, a key reason we selected the canton was bluetooth. Perhaps we’re missing a setting choice but if we have bluetooth enabled on either phone or ipad, the canton seems to prefer that source to the tv (or dvd) source and has occasionally ‘switched’ from tv if we have begun using the devicewith bluetooth switched off on phones and ipad, there is absolutely no problem. We have set the canton to use tv as default source but we may well be missing some nuance setting. If i do find it, i’ll update this review (and will most certainly up the canton to 5 stars)if you find this report helpful, please like.

I was expecting something exceptional – the sound is good but i wouldn’t call it exceptional. After reading other reviews i was expecting something exceptional – the sound is good but i wouldn’t call it exceptional. Maybe i’m restricted by living in a terraced house where i can’t turn the volume up too high. Having said all that as i say the sound is rich and clear and i find i don’t need subtitles as often as used to and there are quite a few nice features like being able to have it switching off and on automatically when the tv is switched on and off.

A beautiful looking device, sleek and discrete and packs quite a punch with clear and well defined sound. One mark deducted for lack of a decent display on the front panel, and also the remote is not particularly sensitive.

Smart, tidy and the sound quality good.

Sound is impressive but you do have to crank up the volume especially on different inputs with varying levels. Probably should have gone for the bigger version given the size of our living room.

Canton DM55 2.1 Virtual Surround System – Silver Glass : Very easy to setup and integrate with the tv. The sounds is exactly what i expected after reading plenty of other reviews, not disappointed.

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