Canton DM55 2, Tips for getting the sound base working correctly

Bought this after briefly searching online for a good sounding tv companion with the talent to combine as our main living room sound system. . Or the mrs can’t stand loads of wires and seperate sub’s (like mine) then this makes perfect senseit’s simple to set-up, one plug into the wall and one into the back of the tv. Easyvisiting friends at yours can utilise the easy-peasy bluetooth connection and be listening to quality sound in seconds. Research and research and research if you must. The dm55 has won lots of awards and plaudits.

I absolutely love my new canton dm55. I absolutely love my new canton dm55, i cant believe the difference it makes to my tv sound, not just with the occasional movie but on everyday listening. I spend a lot of time cruising the music channels and this is where the benefit is so clear, the bass is incredible from such a small base (sorry thats sounds a bit odd), the vocals are great as it has a specific mode to enhance them. I haven’t used the bluetooth bit yet, but my son assures me ‘its all good’ :)absolutely recommend this soundbase.

Having carried out research on the internet this had rave reviews and quite rightly so.

Simple to use, gorgeous design, takes up to 40kg tv. Best of all the sound is amazing.You really will not expect this quality of sound and bass from a sound plinth without using a additional subwoofer. Sub woofers add extra bulk and take extra floor space so this is the perfect solution for my lounge. Very decent price for what you get.

Bought it as a present for my husband.

Canton DM55 2.1 Virtual Surround System – White Glass : Classy looking soundbase with a richly powerful and adjustable sound. The soundbase option seems to be becoming an increasingly popular choice, despite being a relative newcomer in the tv audio market. This is the best sounding smaller base i have heard to date and, more importantly, one that gives the user a good amount of control over the settings, is easy to use, and i have happily shed a load of cables and separate speakers etc to accommodate it. The base is entirely black (silver and white options are available), very well built with a sleek black glass top. 3cm deep, just a tad over 7cm high (including the four shallow feet it sits on) and 55cm wide. The front speaker mesh is hard and classy looking, sitting behind which is a very well designed display panel. This has very clear (and large) blue text which makes it satisfyingly easy to see what options you are selecting with the remote, but otherwise shows nothing other than a feint, very small green light when in use or red one on standby, so nothing to distract the viewer at all. The display also conveniently displays the sound from the source when changing tv channels (e. The remote is one of the best i have seen for a tv sound system and very well built (solid and chunky) and simple and easy to use (cr2032 battery is included). Bass & treble can independently be adjusted to -6 to +6db, but i found the default setting pretty much spot on. There are also three settings to slightly adjust sound direction according to whether your tv sits right on the base, or the base is on a rack below or below a wall mounted tv. You can, with one button on the remote, switch between standard stereo and surround modes in an instant. You can also, using the infra red learning options, easily pair functions such as sound volume, on/off, mute, source etc with your tv standard remote. When i paired volume control with my samsung standard remote, the volume indicator appeared on the base display, not the tv screen. There are three cables provided in the box including a toslink digital optical, another digital coaxial connection to hook up a dvd or bd player etc directly if required, and an rca analogue connector. There is also a sub out port for a subwoofer if required. There are no hdmi connections, but if you already use your tv as a hub with dvd/bd, games console, set top box etc already hdmi connected to your tv, this means that all you need to do is plug in the digital optical cable from the sound base to your tv, change your tv speaker from tv speaker to audio out/external speaker and that’s it – it literally takes just a couple of minutes out of the box to set up and play.

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