Canton Flat Wall Mounted TV Soundbar DM 9 : Lovely bit of kit.

Ive been looking into a few sound bars but this one really caught my eye as it was from the same company that produced the dm50 which one 5 stars in what hifi. After hearing this at the bristol show i knew this was the sound bar for me. I purchased it as soon as i could and haven’t looked back since. I would recumbent it to everybody. The sound is crisp and the connectivity is great.

Fantastic value for a great sounding soundbar. Omg, the canton dm9 is amazingnot only is the sound quality perfect and a neat addition to our home cinema system, it’s so easy to set up via a remote. It only took my husband less than 2 minutes to get it working, once he had connected it to the back of our tv via optical input, so no manual requireddefinitely worth spending your money on something very impressive and of great quality.

Great looking product with awesome sound quality. I have given the canton dm 9 soundbar a 5 star rating as not only does the dm 9 look slick , the sound quality is just phenomenal . The setup was very easy via optical input so done and ready in a matter of minutes and very easily controllable with the tv’s remoteit wasn’t difficult to convince my wife either as she loved the fact it was slim and non-intrusive like some other speakers. Well worth spending money on a product that not only performs amazingly but looks good too .

Lacking deep, quality bass. . For the price, i was expecting far more richer and bassier tones. Treble is very good with clarity and voice sync precision. However when playing music, the bass tones do not seem to reach as low as the tune intends them to be. Currently having to consider purchasing a separate subwoofer to capture the lower tones which is slightly disappointing, considering the canton dm9 is already expensive as it is.

I had a samsung soundbar that was starting to sound off key. I couldn’t understand some of the dialogue and was proving tiring to listen to. So i started my research for a replacement. My criteria was it must be as discreet as possible, ideally up to 900mm wide and have the facility to programme the bar to use my tv remote to control it. The size took out several of the options, the inability to not be programmable took more. Then reviews from users and professional reviewers cut the list further. I listened to the yamaha range and wasn’t overly impressed. Sonos i quite liked, but at the price for facilities i wasn’t likely to use, i was reluctant. Then i spotted the canton dm9, the reviews were very favourable, the right size, and programmable.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Sound Quality In A Slim Package.
  • Wonderfully balanced sound.
  • Great sound quality and clarity

Excellent sound quality in a slim package. . I was initially attracted to the canton dm 50 soundbase, but having read on amazon. De several user reports of unreliability, i decided to opt for the dm 9 soundbar. The dm 9 has a 2 year warranty. On unpacking, the dm 9 impresses with it’s appearance, and build quality. There are no hdmi inputs/outputs on the soundbar. Connection to a tv is by an optical cable which is provided with the unit. It should be noted that the power cable is terminated in a 2 pin european plug. The remote control is a very solidly built device. However, it should be noted that the remote’s power is supplied by a not so readily available cr 2032 lithium battery.

Wonderfully balanced sound. . I’ve had my dm 9 for a week now and it has been run in for the 15-20 hours recommended by canton. The sound ‘out of the box’ was great, but after about 6 hours i had to turn the bass setting down a bit as it deepend up and male voices sounded a bit too booming on the +4 setting i’d had it on. Now the sound quality is fantastic, only limited by the stereo separation. It is really balanced – it’s not too bassy or too bright and the mid tones don’t overpower everything else – it’s spot on. I leave it on stereo mode as the surround mode can make vocals seem a bit lost – but it is a cool effect, you just have to choose when to use it. I have the sound-bar connected to my tv via the optical cable and music from my apple tv sounds excellent – real audiophile sound, not just excellent ‘for a soundbar’. I’ve set up the dm 9 to turn on and off with the tv and it’s worked seamlessly so far. It dosn’t do anything annoying, it’s neat and classy. Ok it’s not cheap but you are getting a 200watt digital amp and speakers in one device so you are getting a lot for your money and being connected to your tv it will be used a lot.

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