Electric Jukebox music system – Better than I expected

I don’t know where to start or stop. You name it and it’s there, all types of music, old and new. I love classical and haven’t found one that isn’t there yet. I can’t get enough of it, i’m so pleased i bought it. It’s not cheap, but is well worth it in mho. Well i must get back to it now.

Best music gift idea for christmas. A friend of mine simon lent me his electric jukebox last weekend. Well my whole family couldn’t stop playing with it. It made music in the home fun again and everyone had the chance to poke fun at each other’s selections – ranging from abba to bee gees, coldplay to dean martin, diana ross to daft punk , george michael to green day, ed sheeran to elton john, michael buble to snoop dog and justin bieber to les miserables and even disney film songs for the puppy (no seriously).With 30 million tracks to choose from electric jukebox is so simple to set up (you plug the electric jukebox stick into the hdmi port on the tv screen, then plug in the power socket, then connect to your home wi-fi without any laborious registration or costly monthly subscription and you are in. I decided it has to be the christmas present this year for some of my friends and family and so i have ordered 10 already. My 22 year old daughter wants to have one in her office because she thinks it is so cool.

Very pleased with this purchase no problems on set up just one problem after one year you have to start paying.

  • If you love creating mixtapes and want to explore different versions of
  • Everything you need in the box and very easy to install
  • The best Christmas Present of 2016 ?

Really easy to set up and great fun for all ages.

I had forgotten just how much i like music. I was up all night searching for all those tracks i used to have on vinyl. Amazing selection of music available. My tv has a good sound system and this plug in uses that system. I can now ditch all the cds, player and ipod staging. Less to dust more time to dance.

It is a fantastic piece of kit and so easy to use. After spending many years in the amusement industry and buying,repairing and building many jukeboxes firstly vinyl then cd then digital costing thousands of pounds i have bought one of these and fitted it into my present jukebox which has an hdmi tv built in. It is then connected to the internal amplifier and i can only say wow. It is a fantastic piece of kit and so easy to use. No more buying vinly,cd or mp3 downloads. It is great that you can pick up the handset and demand that it plays what you want. Just four weeks to go to build a play list for the new years eve partyexcellent item.

But it really was easy peasy. Having a blast going down memory lane. I am a luddite and dreaded doing the setting up part. But it really was easy peasy. Having a blast going down memory lane and listening to all my old favourites.

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