Electric Jukebox music system : Fantastic idea for a Christmas present

Great conversation piece for a party. Love it, easy to use and navigate. 30 million songs at the click of a finger. You can tell it what to play through the microphone and there is so so much to choose from. Dance offs in the living room.

I’m not a serious music guy but it sounds just as good as my cds. My wife and i decided to get one of these after our 9-month-old daughter started pulling my beloved vinyls and cds out and sitting on them and i had to evacuate them to the safety of the cupboard under the stairs. Setup:we were a bit doubtful if we were going to be able to actually use it as we don’t have a tv. But i was able to plug it into the hdmi socket on the back of an old monitor and plug the audio cable into my hi-fi, put in the wifi password and it worked perfectly. Sound quality:i’m not a serious music guy but it sounds just as good as my cds. (it can’t do the lovely crackle of a pink floyd vinyl – but i suppose that would be too much to ask). Range of music:it seems to have everything we wanted to play including superb children’s stuff my kids love. What i like about it:- you choose your music, by just pressing the microphone button on the remote and saying the name of the artist, album or track. So you can just say “dark side of the moon” and it plays it.

Comments from buyers

“If you love creating mixtapes and want to explore different versions of , Everything you need in the box and very easy to install, The best Christmas Present of 2016 ?”

The best christmas present of 2016 ?. I caught the end of a demo while i was in selfridges and was really impressed with the simplicity, the visuals and that you can just speak into a mike and the track is played – as if were on a turnstile. I am not an impulsive buyer so i looked online and saw that it was backedby robbie williams, alesha dixon, stephen fry etc and decided to go for it. At the time it wasn’t on the selfridges website (it is now) so i ordered it from amazon. The colour i preferred – charcoal which is really stylish had sold out so i bought it in blue as i wanted it quickly for a family/friends get together. It arrived by prime in a beautiful box and i was able to get it going in minutes even though i am a technophobe. It is so much fun and easy to use and the sound is great – you just need a tv and wifi. I do not like subscriptions so that is another major plus. I think this would appeal to people who buy or used to buy cds. With the electric jukebox you can play whatever tracks you want from an album and then switch to different albums easily if you don’t like all the tracks – without the storage issues of hundreds of cds and trying to find the one you want when you want it.

I don’t know where to start or stop. You name it and it’s there, all types of music, old and new. I love classical and haven’t found one that isn’t there yet. I can’t get enough of it, i’m so pleased i bought it. It’s not cheap, but is well worth it in mho. Well i must get back to it now.

I bought one of these and its easy to set up and use ( bonus ). Even for an old git like me. No need to buy cd’s any more. Theres no annoying adverts recomended.

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