Freeview HD and Smart TV Set Top Box : Looks like most problems previous reported have been resolved

Anyone been able to update to latest 1. 03 firmware. Seems ok so far with kodi jarvis 16. Have downloaded latest firmware and put on usb stick set to upgrade, box powers down and says updating but version remains the same in the advanced menu. Any ideas?***resolved**the upgrade did take place it was the naming convention used that caused the confusion.

Not for the non-techie’s amongst you but decent enough if you know android. Purchased this item for a reduced price for review purposes which does not affect the content of this review at all. Decided to try this smart tv/freeview box to use as a second box in my conservatory. First impressions were good with the packaging being solid and contents being (almost) everything you will need (except for detailed instructions and an ethernet cable, but more on that shortly). Along with the main unit there is a compact 5 volt power supply, remote control, 2 batteries, hdmi cable and an audio/video cable. A quick start guide in included but this is very basic and will be of no use to anyone who is unfamiliar with the android operating system (on a smartphone or tablet, for example). It solely mentions the external connections and covers nothing about using the unit. To be fair to the manufacturer the basic guide tells you to download the full user manual from their web site and provides a qr code for anyone wanting to use it. As i already have another android tv box from a different manufacturer i had no problem setting this one up. Basically, just connect the box to your tv with the hdmi cable and use a spare ethernet cable (not supplied) to connect to your router then plug in the power supply.

Not a bad product being quad core it is so much faster. Not a bad product being quad core it is so much faster and has less buffering issues than the dual core, that being said we have been having issues in getting the freeview part to work and alas we have been trying to get help from the seller to no avail. I would happily purchase another for the full price if there was a better help/support with itdisclaimer: received this product for a discount in exchange for an honest review.

Key specs for Freeview HD and Smart TV Set Top Box – August DVB500 – Bluetooth DVBT/T2 Television Receiver with KODI / XBMC / Android Play Store:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Add HD Freeview and Android Apps to Any TV – DVBT2 Set Top Box with Quad Core Android Appstore
  • Stream TV Channels and Movies through KODI – XBMC preinstalled and ready to add your favourite plugins
  • Use Wireless Remotes and Speakers – Bluetooth enabled to connect headsets for Skype, gamepads for gaming and keyboards for Gmail
  • Dual Controllers with Customisable Buttons – Full TV remote for channel surfing AND a airmouse remote with programmable button for TV standby
  • Analogue and HD TV Compatible – Composite and HDMI Out to connect to almost any TV

Comments from buyers

“Does not support Freeview Streaming channels (225-299), DVB 500 Good little box(with some freeview issues), Highly recommend. Make a dumb TV smart :)”

Just what we have been looking for as a replacement. Just what we have been looking for as a replacement small and compact, only thing we have found wrong with it, it takes awhile to start up.

An exceptional piece of kit. Play all your usb content, give you access to youtube etc. You can download pretty much any app on the google play store and watch the content. So if you have amazon prime or any other media subscription you can download its app and get watching on your tv without any messy casting or cabling. It’s basically a fully functioning android tablet, without the screen or keyboard, but with a tv tuner. This has it’s drawbacks however. When you are setting up accounts or searching for something you have to use the arrows on the remote control to select the characters on the screen keyboard.

Great product have now turned my boring tele into something. Great product have now turned my boring tele into something great , recording my favourite tv series as we speak :).

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