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This is for the 43′ version. Bought this from a warehouse deal for £233, very impressed with it so far. Easy to set up, and quality is excellent, sound is decent too which is a bonus on lower end tv’s these days. Not saying its perfect, but unlike other low price tv’s i’ve tested recently, you don’t need a soundbar to hear it. Takes a bit of tweaking to get the picture right but that’s no different to any other tv. 4k is stunning, but make sure your firmwares up to date to enable the 2 rear hdmi sockets to accept a 4k input. Only negative i could see for some people would be the feet are very close to the edge so you would need a large tv stand if you aren’t wall mounting it. As i see a lot of people asking this on other reviews, the minimum stand size you would need is 80cm wide. And the feet will be right at the edge, about 100cm gives you a little room either side. This obviously only applies to the 43′.

It’s a good entry level 4k set. Great picture, it’s currently linked to my sky q and up scales standard hd so well i can hardly tell the difference to 4 k. One slight downside be when watching from a wide angle the colours are faded it’s much better straight on.

Great picture out of the box but even better when you tweak the settings. Professional calibration settings are available online such as these ones from avforums:brightness – 48contrast – 48colour – 44backlight – dynamic control – off, backlight 34tint – g1colour temp – warmwhite balance:r offset -2g offset -1b offsett +6r gain – -1g gain – +4b gain -10fantastic sound for a big screen tv with the added bonus of having the option of dual output for both headphones and tv speakers if you need it. Only a couple of minor gripes:1. Why are only 2 of the 4 hdmi ports located on the side?. It would be better to have all on the side for easy access when wall-mounting the tv. The tv will record directly on to a usb 3. 0 drive but the recordings ui is quite poor, not easy to work out what you’ve recorded.

  • Best tele I have ever had
  • value for money tv
  • Great TV, would be fantastic if not faulty

I’m reviewing the 50 inch m3300, and not the m3000, the differences aren’t massive, but my research had me leaning towards this one. A quick note on hdr out of the box it supports hdr on content playback from usb but a firmware update has been rolled out to allow hdr on hdmi for ps4 and xbox one s for example. As of now, its not available for uk customers (only eu) but its release is imminent according to the support on twitter. Those who can’t wait can use the french version (menus will still be english) my friend has done it and the difference it makes is huge. I’m waiting for the official update rather than risk itcoming for a 59′ plasma 2009 model, the difference visually is unreal. It obviously excels with a 4k source, so we tried some blurays @4k, deadpool looks breathing taking. The level of details is out of the world. Gaming from pc likewise, coming from 1080p is just blowing away. As other users have said, the default pic settings are ok but hold the tv back. For sure wants to disable the auto backlight, its just annoying despite being a power saving feature. With some tweaking, the quality can be made even better, though its down to each user really. Don’t doubt the brand name, its means very little in this days and age, you won’t find a set this good for the asking price elsewhere. So pleasing i made the plunge and went 4k.

At first the picture was so bad i was ready to return it. Had my 55inch hisense just over a week now, and to be honest, at first the picture was so bad i was ready to return it. No matter how much i fiddled with the settings, i couldnt get it anywhere near my old toshiba regza?. Then i remembered reading a review on here from mr cheese, who had kindly provided professional calbration settings. So i set the telly up accordingly, and wow. Have upgraded my netflix to include 4k content, and u really do sit there with your mouth open. . Can be slightly un-nerving sometimes because the picture is so realistic it feels like walter white is actually cooking in my front room. . Obviously time will tell as to the reliability, but so far looking like 500quid well spent.

Outstanding quality, amazing price. Outstanding quality for an amazing price (only paid £360 with next day shipping) i use it for both gaming and a television and i just can’t fault it. It has no problems what so ever. Colours are good, stable refresh rates for gaming, no stuttering or noticeable input lag. Best purchase i’ve made in a while- see attached photos.

This television is absolutely amazing. (i bought the 55 inch model) compared to my last tv a 32 inch this is a massive jump. My review will be partially in depth but nothing too long to bore people into not reading it. Pretty much for people who can’t be bothered reading a big long review with specs and all that sort of stuff i’ll just say, if you want a new tv, would like to jump to 4k and have £500 to spend get this tv. For anyone wanting a more in depth review i’ll explain why below. The pros:•the bezels are extremely thin and sleek compared to any tv i’ve ever had. (pictures enclosed below)•the packaging is fairly good so unless you have a rubbish carrier like i did you won’t have any problems with it being broken in transit ( my tv was not broken or damaged in any way thankfully though it was just left at my door when it was raining without the carrier ringing the door bell or chapping the door at all. To further add to insult later on i seen on the carriers tracking page ‘hermesworld. Com’ that i had signed for the package when i had not.

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