Hisense 50 : Brilliant for the money

Great tv for the money, my other tv is a sony & although the build quality is superior it’s not worth over twice what i paid for the hisense.

Very impressed with this tv especially for the money. I thought our 52′ sony looked good but this puts it to shame & at a fraction of the cost. The picture is crisp & very clear, the sound is very good & loud plus you have the advantage of the smart features. You can record to a usb stick & also play movies, music & photos from a usb stick or you can stream from pc, you can also cast from a smartphone.

For the price its a great purchase. For the price its a great purchase. I got it for 350€, so its was a very good deal. The tv has a little color ‘bleeding’ but only noticeable in darker pictures, perfect for gaming and movies. Dont be scared about the default color settings, because they`re really bad, just adjust it and it will be perfect. Remote controller has direct buttons to netflix and youtube. There are better tv`s, but not for the price of this one.

Comments from buyers

“43” 4k Computer Monitor, Amazing TV for the Price, at first the picture was so bad i was ready to return it”

Outstanding quality, amazing price. Outstanding quality for an amazing price (only paid £360 with next day shipping) i use it for both gaming and a television and i just can’t fault it. It has no problems what so ever. Colours are good, stable refresh rates for gaming, no stuttering or noticeable input lag. Best purchase i’ve made in a while- see attached photos.

Brilliant amazon delivery, product packing superb, set up in less than 5 minutes. Fabulous picture and sound totally adequate considering all the hype about poor sound with modern tv’s. If you’re thinking of buying this product then stop thinking and get your hand in your pocket, it’s a must and an excellent buy for the relatively low cost.

If you shop based on brand and love household names, then you need to start expanding your horizons. Hisense are one of the most popular brands in the east and with very good reason. The picture quality is fantastic, and they don’t advertise all the gimmicky ‘processors’ or image-boosting features that are in-built – they simply sell on the fact that the tv produces a great, smooth image. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of why and what is happening inside. If you’re looking for a top-shelf tv on a budget, then go for hisense. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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