Hisense 50 inch Widescreen 4K Smart LED TV : Wowwhat a stunner.

Moving from a 10yr old 42′ 720hd tv and an sd projector to this 65′ hisense is a revelation even with only a 1080 signal, planet earth 2 was a never ending series of ‘ooh’ and ‘wow’ around the room. It’s necessary to tweak the picture and backlight settings a little to suit your own tastes, but that’s expected. The only slight negative would be the slightly shiny screen does reflect some lights from behind the viewing position , so they may need moving. There may be better tvs out there but they probably cost a lot more too.

Just relevant reviews please. Amazon please listen to your customers: why are you posting reviews from the previous older hisense tvs?. All of us want useful information not something that is completely irrelevant to the potential purchase.

The up scaling from hd to uhd is amazing too. Even standard def is good but i. This tv has surpassed all my expectations. The picture quality is nothing short of breathtaking with 4k streams. The up scaling from hd to uhd is amazing too. Even standard def is good but i would not recommend it for this type of tv due to the size of the screen. I had mounted on my living room wall a 55’lg 3d tv this came off the wall and the hisense simply slotted onto the mount with ease. It also comes with a two year warranty when you register it with hisense. The only downside for me was not with tv but with the delivery it was dumped in my living room i asked the man to unpack it for me and take the packaging away and was met with a very curt reply ‘we dont usually do that’this is not what the carriers web site stated as i am a 73 year old man i did expect this service. In conclusion i can , without doubt, recommend this tv (if you can get it) you wont find a tv like this with the same or similar specification for this kind of money.

Comments from buyers

“Brilliant 55m7000, Great TV at a FANTASTIC price – software could be improved, Just Relevant Reviews Please”

I’ve had this tv about a week, i bought it for the price and on the strength of the reviews here, and actually they’re right, all of them. My first ever lcd tv was a supermarket cheapo brand and i deeply regretted it. The lg i replaced it with was worth every extra penny, however this actually much betteri have used it to watch netflix (inc 4k), amazon fire tv (inc 4k), raspberry pi (kodi hd/sd), youview box (hd/sd) and the built in tuner. I was completely blown away by the bright,clear picture on all these devices. I also tried gaming on the xbox and the amazon fire tv and there were only hardly noticeable lag issues (in game mode), otherwise its superb. Well, yeah, a bit like the difference between sd to hd, its good but then its something you only notice when you start watching more hd and then go back to sd. At the moment there’s not much 4k so some shows it’s really noticeable, others not so much. The sound is great and plenty loud enough, but it has some extra 3d/sonic effects which can sound weird or make it vibrate, so you might want to turn them off.

Overall, it’s a great product at a great price. In common with most reviews here, i though this a great tv for a good price. I’ve watched it a lot in the week since it arrived, and all is good. Quality: my tv has no visible dead pixels, nor any other cosmetic issues. Software: the built-in software is fairly limited, but an auto-upgrade got me iplayer straight away. Sound: for a tv, the sound quality is pretty good. Obviously not as good as a quality surround system though. Picture: the picture is generally good. The default settings give rather a heavy ‘soap opera effect’ (google it), but the smoothing can be turned off to give a picture more like the one most of us are used to. 4k: i haven’t got much 4k content to try.

Bought in the sales so got it at a steal of a price. Our budget was just to upgrade our old lg hd ‘ready’ tv to a full hd so was pretty happy that we managed to get a 4k hd within our budget. Don’t let the brand put you off, sure it’s not lg or samsung, but i think the price as well as the quality hisense is going to start getting popular. Picture quality is amazing (although i am not sure how it compared with the samsung equivalent) and sound is great. Apps are nice, although obviously aimed at the wider eu sales as the majority are not in english (no complaints about that though as really netflix is the main one we use). A little disappointed that bbc iplayer is not up despite it advertising it on the box, but apparently an update is out soon for that. This is the only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars as i watch a lot of bbc iplayer. If you don’t care about apps then consider this a 5 star reviewall in all, for a budget tv this has excelled and we are very happy with it.

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