Hisense 55 inch HDR Widescreen 4K Smart LED TV, I love this tv 😋👌📺 good price for 4K tv and

Of the window in the living room for the best home cinema experience possible and wow was not disappointed. Wanted a very large tv to max out the space of the window in the living room for the best home cinema experience possible and wow was not disappointed, as a lot have said didnt want a cheapo nasty brand as usually buy samsung or lg, well when this was out the packaging oozed quality right away sturdy large metal feet easily fitted, dont usually bother with instructions for anything else as like most tv’s is is easy enought to work out, so lifted it on to my 2 tv stands placed side by side as was the cheapest option for a large stand connected up my youview box box and android box powered up all great, never like sound through any brand of led tv but hooked up my lg 250 watt soundbar and subwoofer through the optical audio cable is not an issue in all honesty who would want a tv like this without a decent sound system, picture is great with different setting to customise, anything 4k or 1080p looks great with some great upscaling, 720p and sd not very good but you on a very large screen so is to be expected, watched the transformers movies for some great action and large screen eye candy and to see if any blurring everything moving fast smoothly as would expect from any 4k as all seem to have very good motion rates, only gave it 4 stars as couple small gripes yes the remote as direct netflix and youtube buttons, would like to have seen amazon button on it (picky i know} also could not find way to rename the inputs as can on previous tv’s also it does have an lnb connection as it has a built in freesat tuner and built in plex for easier streaming of your own video collection and pity as most tv’s cannot find way to install kodi direct for an all in 1 system small gripes i know but for under £740 with 2 year warranty when you register the product is great value, couple slightly cheaper 65 inch tv’s out there but having done my homework this is probably worth paying that bit more for.

This is significantly lighter than expected and noticeably lighter than the 47′ 1080p lg it replaced. Optical out for soundbar and plenty hdmi. I’ve tried uhd films and football via skyq, worked perfectly and no weird tracking or trail on a moving football. Plenty of picture tweaking possible (and to be honest needed) to reach best performance. Power on time not bad at all. Not sure what the other reviewer was talking about as it is ready to go in maybe 10 seconds from cold.

For the money- great, don’t expect £1000 performance of £420- get real. Ok so i had to buy a new tv and didn’t want to spend the earth. As far as i can tell, after a week, the tv is great. The picture is very clear, especially with a blu-ray playing. It’s a bit of a gamble as i had a samsung (4 years then screen went), a sony (3 years then screen went), so given both tv’s cost £700 and £1000 respectively. I thought for the money i’d give this a go. It is a lot lighter than the samsung and very neat. If it mainatains it’s present state i will be buying a 55 inch.

Just relevant reviews please. Amazon please listen to your customers: why are you posting reviews from the previous older hisense tvs?. All of us want useful information not something that is completely irrelevant to the potential purchase.

Fantastic tv for the price looks really good with sky q uhd. This for the 55′ uled , a few tweaks to factory settings and the picture clarity is awesome also works fantastic with built in netflix app in 4k.

Hisense 55 inch HDR Widescreen 4K Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Silver : Are you in the market for a new tv but can’t decide whether to take a punt on a relatively unknown brand?. Well i did, and i was more than pleasantly surprised. This tv is great value for money. I’ll give you the downsides first:- no vga/dvi input (most devices use hdmi though so not really such a big downside)- epg is a little slow in displaying what is on (shows no information until it slowly catches up)- speakers are a little flat on the bass (which tv isn’t these days)- you can’t reassign the netflix button on the remote- some picture settings can cause motion blur and pixelation- you’ll need to adjust the settings to get the best out of the tv (why not just have it preset out of he box??)now the good stuff:- the tv processes 4k perfectly fine on it’s own- more hdmi inputs then i know what to do with (4 of them to be exact)- 1080p upscaling to 4k works very well and the picture is amazing- undetectable response lag, to the eye at least- no light bleed around the edges- colours are rich and blacks are black enoughif you are hestitating because of the lack of apps in the smart feature or some other gimmick then don’t be. From a pure tv point of view this is worth the money hands down.

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