Hisense 55, what a fantastic tv for the price!

Brilliant amazon delivery, product packing superb, set up in less than 5 minutes. Fabulous picture and sound totally adequate considering all the hype about poor sound with modern tv’s. If you’re thinking of buying this product then stop thinking and get your hand in your pocket, it’s a must and an excellent buy for the relatively low cost.

Don’t hesitate, excellent smart tv with amazing picture quality (that’s without considering the price). The screen needs setting up as does the audio (forget about the virtual 3d surround options) but once done the picture and sound quality is unbelievably good, even more so considering the price bracket. I have been testing it with 4k youtube videos, planet earth 2 and others through the built in apps and through hdmi and the colour reproduction and clarity is amazing. No screen bleeding or patchy backlighting apart from at the very edge (about 1mm) there’s a very slight vignette but this doesn’t impact on the picture quality in the slightest (see image attached 4k through phone pic doesn’t do it justice). . There’s no visible blurring on fast scenes either, so impressed with the tv, the picture quality easily on par with a samsung set i almost bought last week (40inch, £300 more) – all the ‘pro’ reviews gave it an average score but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Very easy to setup, no chinese text anywhere – the menu was intuitive and i’ve not need to refer to the instruction manual apart from to the locate mounting points. It loads iplayer and youtube (4k videos) – yet to test amazon (recently got rid of netflix as they block vpns)my only critique is the the 4k hdmi ports are 90˚ mounted so will require an angle cable if wall mounted. I will update this review in 6 months time.

Highly impressed with the h43m3000. I purchased this tv last week and cant take eyes off it. The quality via 4k is outstanding and the upsacling from standard/full hd content is superb. You could pay double the price for the same quality buying an lg. Hisense having just come to the uk and its clear they want to make a name for themselves. This will be the brand to have in 2 years time.

Very good tv and amazing for value. You get phenominal clarity and very good built in speakers that are suprisingly very loud and clear. The remote come with a built in netflix button for convenience.

H50m3300 – budget tv that packs a punch. **freeview play added in latest january 2017 firmware update**. This is a review for the h50m3300 variant. This is a fantastic tv for the price.Out of the box, hdr was only enabled via usb, however, since hisense updated the firmware to version g0919, hdr is now possible from the hdmi inputs too – so if you have a suitable hdr source (such as the xbox one s for example) then the quality of the 4k material gets kicked up a notch – truly amazing on a tv at this price point. I should also point out that this tv does not feature a 10-bit panel; hdr is achieved on these 8-bit panels via the use of frame rate control (frc) which enables hdr10 content to be shown on an 8-bit panel – if this is important to you, you will be needing to look for a different tvbe prepared to do some fiddling with the settings, of which there are many – however the av forums website has a whole thread devoted to the m3300 range, where some very helpful calibration experts have posted their settings – i’ve attached a calibration sheet for the cinema and gaming modes – these are very good as a starting point, however, it is important to keep in mind that optimum settings will vary from set to set, person to person and room to room – the settings for a perfect picture for someone else may not translate as a perfect picture for youalthough it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the product listing, there are actually 2 tuners on-board; for digital terrestrial and satellite – however, there is a drawback in that you can only have one of these as your tv source at any one time, unless you want to re-tune each time you want to switch sources. Picture quality is excellent, though not optimal if you are more than 45 degrees from centre – but even then it’s not terrible, just not as good as being directly in front of it – the image loses it’s sharpness a little and the blacks are no longer quite as black. You would probably need to take this into consideration if you have a large family or regularly play host to lots of people all gathered around the tv. 1080p hd material and xbox / ps4 performance is really good as the tv upscales where it can, to near 4k, creating a beautifully clear picture with no noticeable motion blur or lag. When showing 4k content though this set really comes into it’s own, amazing vibrant pictures with so much detail.

Hisense 55 – Inch Widescreen 4K Smart LED TV with Freeview HD : This is for the 43″ version. Bought this from a warehouse deal for £233, very impressed with it so far. Easy to set up, and quality is excellent, sound is decent too which is a bonus on lower end tv’s these days. Not saying its perfect, but unlike other low price tv’s i’ve tested recently, you don’t need a soundbar to hear it. Takes a bit of tweaking to get the picture right but that’s no different to any other tv. 4k is stunning, but make sure your firmwares up to date to enable the 2 rear hdmi sockets to accept a 4k input. Only negative i could see for some people would be the feet are very close to the edge so you would need a large tv stand if you aren’t wall mounting it. As i see a lot of people asking this on other reviews, the minimum stand size you would need is 80cm wide. And the feet will be right at the edge, about 100cm gives you a little room either side. This obviously only applies to the 43″.

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