Hisense 65 inch Widescreen 4K Smart LED TV : Superb. Just be aware of a possible short term issue with HDCP 2.2 (now solved for me)

Be careful when considering the purchase of a hisense tv based on reviews here. Not that the reviews are lying, these tvs are indeed excellent, but for some reason amazon is lumping all the reviews for all the different models in to the same pile. I myself own the 2016 hisense 65′ k5510 model and am so far absolutely loving it. Didn’t buy from here but it was priced the same. Coming from a very good 2015 1080p sony bravia i was sceptical about 4k but i’m glad i took the risk of both 4k and hisense. Picture is amazing after some messing with settings. Very vivid, very sharp and very smooth. Sound is just brilliant for a flatscreen and is full of depth and bass and when tweaked in the settings is very detailed. Has netflix built in capable of 4k streaming which works fine but obviously for the best 4k experience you want either a 4k blu-ray job or an external hard drive with 4k content loaded on.

I love this tv 😋👌📺 good price for 4k tv and. I love this tv 😋👌📺 good price for 4k tv and it’s huge 😉 delivery people called me when do you want your tv i said asap so it took only two days since i made my order.

The up scaling from hd to uhd is amazing too. Even standard def is good but i. This tv has surpassed all my expectations. The picture quality is nothing short of breathtaking with 4k streams. The up scaling from hd to uhd is amazing too. Even standard def is good but i would not recommend it for this type of tv due to the size of the screen. I had mounted on my living room wall a 55’lg 3d tv this came off the wall and the hisense simply slotted onto the mount with ease. It also comes with a two year warranty when you register it with hisense. The only downside for me was not with tv but with the delivery it was dumped in my living room i asked the man to unpack it for me and take the packaging away and was met with a very curt reply ‘we dont usually do that’this is not what the carriers web site stated as i am a 73 year old man i did expect this service. In conclusion i can , without doubt, recommend this tv (if you can get it) you wont find a tv like this with the same or similar specification for this kind of money.

Comments from buyers

“Brilliant 55m7000, Great TV at a FANTASTIC price – software could be improved, Just Relevant Reviews Please”

I bought this tv (55′ hdr m7000) in the black friday sale from amazon. I’d been looking at it (and many other tv’s (sony’s lg’s, samsung’s etc)) over a period of about 6 weeks leading up to black friday and had done a lot of research and forum/review reading. On the back of all that i had decided that this was the tv that my living room needed. My main concern was that hisense wasn’t a well known manufacturer and i had never seen one of their tv’s in person so i was purely going off reviews. I was worried the build quality may not match up to something like a sony. Them worries disappeared as soon as i opened the box. The tv set itself is very aesthetically pleasing with a very slim bezel. It actually looked better than i thought it would and it has a very nice brushed steel bezel. The product weighs >20kg as as such i fitted it to a super slim wall bracket and put it on the wall.

4k is excellent on netflix and amazon. 4k is excellent on netflix and amazon. Cooling fan is annoyingly loud – bearings/balance is off. I’ll probablyreplace it myself; i’ve read this is a very common issue on hisense. Shame as a decent cooling fan is pennies.

Bad luck or cheap components – unsure. I bought the 55 inch hdr model at the end of november 2016 was blown away with the quality of picture for the price i had paid, got to enjoy a good christmas movie fest with this beast. And then 6 weeks on from delivery date dead row of pixels on my tv absolutely gutted to say the least. I don’t know if this is sheer bad luck or i am paying the cost now for going for a brand of tv i haven’t heard a great deal of before. Amazon have offered to refund it , but not exchange unsure why this is. So i don’t know now if to re-order the same tv or fork out a bit more for one of the bigger brands. One thing to note the box on this tv was huge and one thing amazon said is it needs to be returned in packaging well i threw my box out last week, sods law. So hoping bubble wrap will suffice. Overall if it’s a working model and can take much more than 6 weeks viewing defiantly worth the money. However to fail after 6 weeks bit of a kick in the nads and now a little sceptical of hisense.

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