KitSound Contempo tooth Speaker Link Multi-Room Audio Wireless Music Streaming System, Move over Sonos!

Excellent audio streaming client. A first-rate, stable audio streaming client with more capability than chrome audio at the audiophile end of users. Recommendation to the developer: the component should return to the previous state after a power interruption. In the current firmware, the user has to push the power button to get it running.

This is an amazing piece of kit. ┬áthis is an amazing piece of kit. If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable, good sounding streaming system, then this is all you need to look at. Yes sonos and the others are good (leaders even) but this not only keeps up with them, it’s price tag smashing them out of the park.You can set up your whole house with these vs a price of a sonos bridgein order to help anyone looking at this product with interest, i did a bit of a box opening review. Please note i have not polished this other then cut out some boring bits. The rest was all on the fly as i used it and i think it simply shows how simple the set up and play back can be with these units.

KitSound Contempo Bluetooth Speaker Link Multi-Room Audio Wireless Music Streaming System with Allplay and Spotify Connect

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Wired or wireless connectivity
  • 40 W output
  • NFC one touch pairing
  • Turns any speaker with line in into multi-room
  • Multiple zones and multiple streams possible

Just a perfect bit of hardware. The allplay apps (not made by kitsound) could be better, but the spotify connect integration works perfectly. Really impressed, thank you.

I was surprised how much i like these. I’ve had this pair for a month now and i like them more than i thought i would. They are very small and light. Some may say they haven’t got much ‘substance’ to them, but it’s electronics. Being powered by usb is very nice. I have recently installed several socket faces with 2 usb ports and devices like this allow me to plug in 4 devices before needing to resort to extension leads. Their small footprint means they can be tucked into small available spaces. Setup was quite simple, although i did have to change the wifi password encryption type, but that’s no bad thing as i had to make it more secure. Even without the convenient wps button it’s just a case of connecting to the devices wifi, setting up things on the page, then back to your normal wifi. The quality of the music is flawless as far as my average ears can tell, and the app is very responsive. A change of volume, a pause, skip; all are immediately actioned. I haven’t used the two at once as of yet, but with mine placed in the garage and the living room, there will be (warmer) days when projects have me running to and from the garage, and being able to continue listening to my music as i move around will be great. Talking of moving around, when i used to have my phone plugged into my stereo to listen to music i would have to keep going back to it to change track, skip a dud, or queue up something i just thought of. Having the music control in your pocket makes that so much easier.

High quality and user friendly wireless link for speakers. This is a fantastic bit of kit. It takes no time at all to get it up and running, with very clear instructions in the manual, and a superfast connection to my router. The jukebox app works very well, and i also installed the radio app, which has a similar user-friendly interface. I also connected through spotify, so can use my speakers through the link for everything i need. The quality is exceptional, and it all works very smoothly. It means that i can now control my bose sounddock from my iphone and don’t need to upgrade it.

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