KitSound Encore Curved Soundbar Home Cinema Stereo System and Wireless Subwoofer, Ovation Sound Bar

I spent 2-3 days and many hours researching the options out there for sound bars and the like. I have a 32′ tv and an 80cm wide stand, so many of them were too wide for me. Also some of the older ones didn’t have great connection options. Most of the ones i looked at had a common theme in that they don’t seem to allow you to control bass and treble. It’s a case of what it sounds like out of the box for the most part. To me, bass & treble controls are something that is a must, i’m really surprised by how many sound-bars i have seen lack them. I suppose if you used the 3. 5 jack from a tv headphone socket to the sound-bar you might be able to control it better though. The kitsound ovation does have bass and treble controls and has more connection options than most too.

I bought this as a gift for my bloke, a late replacement for him blowing up his amp for the home cinema system months ago. I’d got fed up of listening through the inbuilt speakers in the telly, which for a top spec curved something-or-other, are by no means bad, but just not adequate enough for james bond chase sequences. I’ve had kitsound products before, admittedly only portable speakers and headphones, but have always been impressed by the sound quality for the price. I’ve never had any problem and love the styling. I saw the price of this system and thought it offered great value from a familiar brand. To say i’m impressed is an understatement. Mr b will admit that he is a techno-phobe and when confronted with installations more complicated than plugging headphones into phones, he panics. Setting this up was a piece of cake. It’s packed in two separate boxes (the bar and sub-woofer) – neither are heavy, just a little awkward to carry with a handbag too.

KitSound Encore Curved Soundbar Home Cinema Stereo System and Wireless Subwoofer with Bluetooth Connectivity for All TV’s (Samsung/Panasonic/LG/Sony/Phillips) – Black

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  • 8 inch wireless subwoofer for massive bass
  • Bluetooth, line-in, coaxial, and optical connectivity for easy connection
  • Remote control so you can easily change your settings
  • Curved profile to match modern TV designs to look stunning
  • LED display makes the Encore easy to use

Impressive sound quality and very well made soundbar. Shame that a bass control is not on the remote as it could do with turning up a notch. But overall, very happy, easy to set up and a good remote control. Be aware this is quite a long soundbar at 90cm (36′) long. Does come with brackets and fixings to attach to a wall if required.

Good design and sound quality for that price. The kitsound ovation is surprisingly good for the price, it looks like, has a solid build quality and when you start using it for your audio needs, it sounds amazing. The other awesome feature is how it has so many connectivity options, you can connect via hdmi, bluetooth, optical audio or via aux which is more than enough for anyone. You can connect it to ipad, nexus 7, iphone or other bluetooth devices out there. I also found the 3 modes on the remove control very useful, so many nights i try to keep sound disturbance down when watching movies at night without turning it sound down, this just does it well. Oh did i forget to mention, you can even mount it on the wall, with bracket included. I currently have it placed on my tv shelf and it sounds good the same.

I never knew the sound on my tv was so bad, massive improvement. Great look compared to others and a great range of connectivity options too. Simple to set up and use with the remote, however that too is the only means of operating the device, so don’t lose it.

KitSound Encore Curved Soundbar Home Cinema Stereo System and Wireless Subwoofer with Bluetooth Connectivity for All TV’s (Samsung/Panasonic/LG/Sony/Phillips) – Black : Kitsound chorus great value for money. Great soundbar for the money you cant go wrong this is my second one as the first arrived with some lovely modern art dents in it but amazon eventually replaced fair play but the second one arrived with no remote. Amazon where rather evasive and asked me to contact the manufacturer which i did and they sent out a replacement remote next day top class performance from the manufacturer and the sound bar is classy and stylish great performer go get one now.

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