LG BH4030S 5 – Good for the Price

Very happy with my blu ray player so far delivery was fast & after i got it out of the box and set it up i was happy with the sound & i like that i can control the player from my tv remote as my tv is made by lg too plus the lg app on my iphone works well with it too and with the private sound mode i can still watch a film late at night & not upset the neighbours. Very happy with it i would recommend the player to anyone that wants good sound.

Fantastic bit of kit for the price. Sound is excellent, performance great, works well with lg smart tv. It was my birthday present – originally chose pioneer kit which fialed twice within the first month so changed tack and bought this, and am really pleased with it. Lots of features to play with, settings to set, network to connect to etc, which is all easy to set up, but mostly it just sounds great and is easy to use.

I got this for my bedroom to connect to my ps4 & it is so not meant for a bedroom. It is so loud but i love it. The quality is there, i just need to hook up the speakers to the corner of my wall to have some sort of surround sound. The the only thing i didn’t expect is the dvd to be bigger than i thought it is. Its actually abit more wider than my ps4 as it looks smaller on the picture, but not a big deal for me. I couldn’t get soundbars for bedroom, but this is just fine for me and my nephews to enjoy our gaming with sound from everywhere. I hardly watch movies but im guessing any sort of thriller movies would be even more awesome with sounds coming from all direction. The only thing that sucks is the price you gotta pay after vat.

  • Fab bit of kit :)
  • LG Blu ray Player
  • is there anything this wont play?

Do your homework before buying, as if you like me did not check if your tv outputs 5. 1 over optical when using hdmi input then you wont be able to hook up your tv to this if you uses other devices. Now that is not really a fault of the kit but the kit itself is pretty basic. Hard wired speakers cables and 3 ohm output on the box means you couldn’t really ever upgrade the speakers. Personally am going for a full amp + speakers after trying this but that is a fair bit more cost.

Straight out of the box this is a tidy looking unit. Player itself is stylish and simplistic, speakers are compact and also stylish. Cables for speakers are far too short so i had to extend them which is annoying. Also, the plug is one of those that cant be opened which made it hard for me to hide wires. The sound is quite good and clear but not that loud even at full volume.

Features of LG BH4030S 5.1 Channel 330 W Blu-Ray Home Cinema System – Black

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  • Amazon instant video compatible
  • 3D Blu-ray Playback – LG provides an immersive 3D viewing experience with an even brighter and clearer 3D picture with virtually no blur
  • LG Smart: Experience a multitude of popular streaming entertainment and apps with LG Smart TV functions. A full range of quality lifestyle applications, interactive games and VOD services designed for individual and family entertainment is all yours to enjoy (please note: Smart connection is through wired Ethernet connection)
  • USB Direct Recording and Playback – USB Direct Recording enables recording from CD to USB memory or MP3 device in MP3 format to share new music from device to device.
  • External HDD Playback – Plug in external Hard Disc Drives to share photos, music and videos

This is an amazing bit of kit. Thought about getting one for years, i got this at a good price and it was well worth it. Connecting up was quite simple, we have loads of games consoles and sky so after around 30 mins of getting my head around how it would work it was simple. I found i had to buy additional hdmi cables and the optical cable which you will need if you are using sky and game consoles so you can have the sound. I also found that buying a hdmi splitter box was well worth it meaning i didn’t have to keep switching cables around to use it. The sound and picture quality is amazing. I love that you can adjust all the speakers very easily too if they are too loud. The back cables weren’t long enough, we don’t have a massive room i would say average size, but because we have hard floors we had to run the cables along the skirting and up a door frame. If you plan to just pull the back speakers out when you use them it should be enough length but if you hate seeing wires then i would suggest getting the thin speaker wire and the connectors.

And dvd/blue-ray quality is amazing. Really loved this, great sound but had issues with the software and have had to return it. It kept on freezing and stopped playing media files. Only played one file then crashed. Have just had a replacement delivered to me. Might have to put this to 5 stars if it works proper as it is a good piece of kit. Update: having issues using amazon instant video. Love the sound/picture quality etc but if i could go back in time and buy another product, i would. Brought issue to the attention of both amazon and lg and they just play ping pong with you in the middle. Blame each other or try and tell you to try something you have been trying for the last week.

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