LG NB4540A 320W 4, Great sound, sexy body.

Great value, minor problems. Bought this from curry’s (uk) for £200it looks excellent. Sleek and metallic, the slim nature of the bar and the matching brushed metal style of the (admittedly rather large) wireless subwoofer match the 49inch lg 4k tv i have perfectly. It’s only 84(ish)cm long so it’s probably around the same length as most 40inch tvs. Sound-wise i was originally only slightly impressed. I hooked the tv up via the lg wireless soundsync option and, on the ‘standard’ sound preset it was fine, albeit lacking in the midrange. Switching to ‘cinema’ mode (which most reviews say is the best option) was pretty terrible. Balance was all over the place with most voices completely drowned out by anything else onscreen. The sound would also occasionally drop out for no apparent reason. Turns out it was just down to the wireless soundsync (which is based on bluetooth).

Bought this fab sound bar at the same time as my lg smart tv,it connects wirelessly to it & sounds amazing,it has bluetooth so i can stream music to it from my htc phone,the bar & sub also connect wirelessly so u don’t have to have the sub near the tv,it baffles me how it makes the sound appear from behind,lone survivor movie sounded amazing,buy one they are ace.

LG NB4540A 320W 4.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar with Additional Wireless Subwoofer

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  • 4.1 Ch 320W Surround Sound
  • BluetoothTM – Wirelessly stream your favourite music
  • 3D Surround Processor – Experience 3D sound through LGs unique Cinema sound calibration technology

Everything in the box as if i had purchased brand new. A few very tiny scratches as described.

Great product easy to connect amazing sound loud deep and plenty of bass from the sub woofer. Really slim and unobtrusive. Bluetooth music from my iphone as good if not better than an audio speaker system.

Great sounding bar with easy set up. Pros: slim; wireless sub can be placed almost anywhere; wall mounting brackets are strong; good range of sound options with a reasonably realistic cinimatic experience. Cons: sub has stronger mid-range than i would ideally like; would be great to have sub-out connection for a great upgrade; remote is poor quality for a device such as this; sync with tv sound a little bit of a challenge.

LG NB4540A 320W 4.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar with Additional Wireless Subwoofer : Early days yet, item seams to be excellent. Really impressive piece of kit.

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