Logitech Z906 Stereo Speakers 3D 5 : Best purchase yet!

This blows it out of the water. . =satellites=the satellite speakers are extremely good, especially in comparison to the z523. The sound is amazingly crisp, mid tones are bold and the highs are there when they need to be. They have a great weight to them so you know they are quality stuff. The thx logos give me something to boast about, and they are indeed wall mountable. Cables are very long so logitech want you toput them anywhere. 6meter for rear speakers and 4. =subwoofer=the second reason why i bought this system. It may be smaller than the z-5500, but it is so powerful that i have to have it on half and the speakers set low down or i make the family angry. It hits notes that are far lower than the z523 could ever get, and it doesn’t sound like it is a seperate speaker, it is even, perfectly balanced with the sound around. =control panel=the control panel is brilliant, i never had a z5500 control panel myself but i had used one before, it was very good. This one is easy to understand and conviniently switches off the leds you don’t need when left for more than about two seconds.

Pumps out great sounding bass. Turned up max it puts out incredible thumping sounds. Using it via optical cable through the tv and works great with sky q / ps4 pro / xbox one. A definite purchase for anyone wanting a descent quality home cinema system for reasonable money. Pros:-sub is great-rear speaker cable are more than long enough for a large room-remote control for lazy buggers-speakers are individually selected for volume if required-fantastic build qualitycons:-no hdmi connection-led lights are a little distracting in the dark non dimmableso glad i purchased this. A great addition for a nerd / film geek :) thanks logitech.

I though logitech z506 were good. These speker system are unbelievably good, crisp clear base and sound. For the money its worth every pence . Deffenetly recomend it to everyone who needs proper sound system :). Here are the specifications for the Logitech Z906 Stereo Speakers 3D 5:

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  • 500 W (RMS) of power let you make any night opening night and deliver thunderous audio that can shake your house – and your whole neighbourhood
  • These speakers have met strict performance standards to achieve THX certification – so you can be sure that your entertainment will sound the way it was meant to sound
  • Digital decoding enables detailed surround sound – from the roar of the crowd to the footsteps right behind you – in your Dolby digital or DTS encoded soundtracks
  • Multiple inputs allow you to connect up to six components simultaneously and set up your system the way you want to; connect your TV, Blu-ray/DVD player, DVR, Xbox 360, Playstation3, Wii, iPod, stereo and more
  • You are in command with the control console and wireless remote – select inputs and adjust surround sound and volume levels to customise your listening experience

Great sound, great connectivity. I convinced my parents a few years ago to get the previous generation z5500 speaker and was blown away by the sheer quality of the sound, but the slight downer was not quite enough connectivity. Well these speakers sound better, address the connectivity issues and come with the addition of some built in sound modes. Personally i rarely get a chance to play these as loud as they go but even on half volume they are loud, clear and just simply epic.

Powerful and sensible in one package. I ordered the logitech z-906 to replace my long-lost creative gigaworks 7. 1 thx kit (which, by the way, shook its own amplifier board apart), and am very impressed. Packaging———when the speakers arrived from amazon, they were double-boxed: first in a stiff cardboard box for shipping, and inside that the thinner-gauge (but well-padded) logitech box containing the kit itself. A word of warning for those of you whom encounter the same confusion as i: the wires for three of the speakers (front-left, front-right, centre) are tucked inside a protrusion in the cardboard ‘netting’ surrounding the speakers themselves. It took me a moment to figure this out as the rear-left and rear-right wires are visible with the speakers themselves, but the other three are concealed. The subwoofer itself is self-explainitory, along with the ac cable, and a standard 3x 3. 1 input cable for use with pc soundcards. Inputs——there are 6 distinct inputs provided by the z-906: 1 of them is the 3x 3.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Superb Cinema Sound in a living room, but watch the running costs.
  • Would Be 5 Star If The Cables Were Longer
  • Powerful AND Sensible in one package

I previously had a sony gtk-x1bt 500watt system and this sounds much more powerful than that, this is a true 500watt system. I received it today and have tested for music, ps4 gaming and netflix. Very good for everything, i was initially worried as some people had said high frequencies aren’t great as no tweeters on this but i couldn’t tell the difference. I still can’t believe how loud it is, you will rarely need to turn volume above half way.

I brought my speakers on christmas 2012 and i am very happy with it. I use my speakers every day without fail as you can imagine. It is permanently plugged into my computer and it is also connected to my tv allowing me to quickly switch between the different outputs. I would love it even more if the subwoofer was a little more powerful – the last speaker system logitech made was slightly more powerful than this one so i’m not too such why they decided to downgrade. Don’t get me wrong, the subwoofer is pretty damn powerful but it would have just been nice to have that little extra ‘oomph’. I have looked around for systems suitable for a computer and this does actually seem to be the most powerful (and suitable) one. I have tried going down the home cinema system route but even those systems were lacking the bass i was looking for. I bought a £600 system before this purchase which consisted of cambridge audio speakers – i was not happy with the sound quality at all, not to mention the extremely long setup. Simply put, this is worth the money and you will not regret it.

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