Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Wireless Speakerboard : A great speaker!

Decent sound – nightmare to set up with sky and dvd player. Ok, so once it is working it is ok. For the money you wouldn’t expect to be blown away by the sound, and it isn’t a surround system, but it does the job. My only comparison was a demo of the bose unit and we were impressed by that (wish i’d bought that now). The problem with this item is that the instructions assume you only have a dvd/bluray player connected and there are only enough hdmi points to accommodate that. Most people in the uk, and surely plenty of other countries, will be the same and will have a satellite or cable tv service as well as their dvd player and yet not only is this not catered for with this model, but the instructions make no attempt to explain how to get around the problem and the panasonic online help is no help at all. One thing you discover when you are trying to fix something is just how uninterested a company can be once they’ve sold the product – as a result i now have less inclination to buy anything else from them. Anyway, the solution for those of you who will have the same problem (if you buy this) is to use one of the different cable types. The only combination that i got to work was an hdmi from dvd and sky box to speaker, and an optical cable from the tv to the speaker. Once set up it is reasonably simply to operate, although you will need to use the separate remote whenever you want to use it.

As we get older my wife and i are finding it harder to follow the dialogue in some tv programs and dvds. We are very limited in space and this was the only sound bar/speakerboard that would fit without attaching the tv to the wall, depth of the shelf being the limiting factor. As it is so easy to return things to amazon i decided to give it a try, though i wasn’t too hopeful. In terms of depth and richness of sound it falls short of the sound bars i listened to in my local hi-fi shop (not surprising as they were over twice the price) but this is genuinely better at bringing the dialogue forward and making it clearer, which is what i wanted in the first place. Bluetooth works well for listening to music from my laptop and again it brings the vocals forward and makes them clearer, though at the expense of some depth and richness of overall sound compared to dedicated hi-fi speakers. The remote is excellent and it is very easy to switch between the different sound modes. And as a bonus it really does stop adverts from being a lot louder than the program they are interrupting. In summary i am delighted that limitations of space saved me from my hi-fi snobbishness and led me to this which does what i actually wanted extremely well – and saved me money into the bargain.

For the cash this is a great speaker and upgrade on your tv. I’m actually really impressed. For the cash this is a great speaker and upgrade on your tv. I would recommend without a doubt – easy to set up, clear voices, very good base. I have mine connected through the arc and it automatically turns on when the tv is switched on and is controlled through my sky remote (for volume). Here are the specifications for the Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Wireless Speakerboard:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Dolby Digital and DTS decoding
  • 120 W power output
  • Twin integrated subwoofers
  • Built-in Bluetooth with NFC
  • High bass, clear-mode dialog and six EQ presets

Just got mine working so a bit early to comment on the performance but wanted to let anyone know about the arc hdmi connectivity just in case. As there is no hdmi cable in the box, make sure you buy an arc enabled cable which i found out after previous failed attempts. The cable should be listed as v1. 4 or above as my original one said ‘high speed’ but was actually v1. Without this cable my lg tv would not ‘talk to’ this panasonic speakerboard but now works fine & the lg tv remote even controls the speakerboard volume.

The sound from this is pretty good, not mind blowing but it’s a cheaper. The sound from this is pretty good, not mind blowing but it’s a cheaper unit. Not too big and tv sits on top. Best features are the one that keeps volume down when you go from a film into adverts, and the voice boost so that you can actually hear people talking in films with other having the sound so high that any loud moments are shockingly loud. Pretty easy to use though the remote is very simple so you have to scroll through menus on front of unit back to where you wanted to be if you miss the option you were trying to get to.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Awesome Speaker!
  • Very pleasantly surprised
  • Perfect match for Panasonic TV

Just what i have been looking for. I have looked at and listened to a lot of sound systems. In the majority they have been expensive, take up a lot of space and most when listening to normal tv have had a very boomy base. When demonstrated in stores they often use them for part of a dramatic film for effect, but for every day tv this panasonic unit is giving back sound as it used to be when tvs had a lot of space and depth to house the speakers. It is also great to have the viera link so only one control is needed. I am really pleased with the purchase on all counts and it’s very unobtrusive. Great value product, especially now the price has dropped.

Brilliant product for price. I was originally looking at a sound bar, but i couldn’t find one which was suitable size wise and price wise to sit on my tv unit without looking daft. I took a chance on this as it was the only thing that fit size wise and am happy i did. The sound quality is fantastic. I know that there is far better sound on the market, but not at this price. If you are looking to greatly increase the sound quality of your tv but you aren’t ‘that into the technology’ then this is perfect for you. The product is great and actually works better for me in my living room than a sound bar would have. It is more than loud enough for a medium/large room (i rarely get past half way on the volume) with great bass and it is astonishingly easy to set up, just the one box and then one cable. The main bug bear about it, is that it isn’t quite big enough for the plastic integrated stand on the tv to sit on top(lg 42 inch). The stand overhangs the edges which just doesn’t work.

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