Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar : High quality, simple product.

Can be excellent, but not consistently. . Really impressive sound at first, but:- then you notice the very top frequencies are missing e. Any sibilance in the recording or very highest psss of cymbals. – too much bass for my taste and can get a little muddled in lowest frequencies if multiple sounds/instruments. Even when we’ll away from wall – needs a tone control to calm it down. But with alot of recordings you might not experience the above, and with these it’s impressive at the price (though i’d go for same price bookshelf speakers if music comes first for you).

Can be fine tuned easily, if you looking to be surrounded by flying objects look elsewhere, if your after a hi quality sound and immersive sound all be it from in front of you, this is for you. I found with the supplied feet the midrange to be a little stifled and bass heavy, bass output from this is impressive and easily moves the settee your sitting on. I have found that raising the feet by placing 2 pence pieces under the feet you can open up the mid range and top end and reduce the bass output, have a play you will be surprised how you can tune it, see the photo, (upside down for some reason) but i found some socket wrench heads work perfectly for the sound i want, it also sounds slightly different in how far you slide it back/forward on to the shelf it sits on, mine is on an open framed stand’ it obvious this is developed by a top end speaker manufacturer.

I read an awful lot of reviews on sound bars before going for the media 4, as much as i wanted a hassle free home cinema experience, what was most important to me was an authoritative, engaging and immersive sound that’s equally as good with movies and music, and the media 4 certainly delivers. To really put the media 4 through its paces i decided to give it two different media source tests, both of which i know very well, one of my all time favorite movies, force 10 from navarone, and one of my all time favorite games, the last of us. The beginning of force 10 and the bombastic theme was very well handled, and during the scene were the lancaster was shot down, the media 4 did a very good job of moving the sound across the screen. In the last of us its melancholy and haunting theme was engaging to hear and the media 4 really immersed me in the apocalypse without struggling to separate voices, i constantly kept hearing voices and effects i’d never heard before. The gun shots from both sources were both incredibly explosive and very clear, the media 4 does an amazing job of separating the sound, so everything sounds very relaxed and composed, never rushed or squashed, it does however need a fair volume to really get in to its stride, but when it does the media 4 sounds truly spectacular. The goodequally as good with sound effects and music. Immersive and authoritative sound. Sounds exquisite when loud enough to get into stride (everybody will find that point at a different level). Stylish and very good build quality.

Key specs for Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar with Built In Subwoofer – Black:

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  • Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer – Eliminating the need for extra boxes and cables. when wall-mounted, using the included wall bracket, the distinctive flared shape of the M4 allows sufficient clearance behind the unit for the cable entry
  • The Media 4 Soundbar uses BMR loudspeaker drive units. This means, wherever you sit in your room, you’ll still enjoy the full hi-fi or home cinema experience.
  • The digital optical and analogue inputs allows you to connect to a wide range sources from your television, CD, DVD or Blu-ray player, all the way through to your smartphone.
  • The Media 4 is also Bluetooth compatible using aptX lossless Bluetooth for audio streaming. This wireless connection can sync to almost any Bluetooth compatible audio device.
  • Box Contents – 1 x Q M4 Hi-Fi Soundbar, 1 x Lithium Battery, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x UK AC Mains Cable, 1 x EU AC Mains Cable, 1 x RCA Phono Lead (2 metres), 1 x 3.5mm Jack Lead (2 metres), 1 x Optical Lead (2 metres), 1 x Wall Mounting Plate, 3 x Anti-vibration Feet with 6 x Screws and 1 x User Manual

Comments from buyers

” got a Sony SONY KDL-40W605 40″ TV and as nice as it was, Great product, well built easy to use., engaging and immersive sound that’s equally as good with movies and music”

A superb soundbar that delivers crisp trebles and rich, deep bass from my smart tv via the digital- optical connector. Great sound, too, from my ipad, smartphone and hifi via bluetooth.

Like being at a gig or the cinema. Blown away by the triumphant sound this thing produces.

High quality, simple product. . The built in sub works well. It sounds great and is very easy to install and use, including for bluetooth music playing. The only negative is it’s a touch chunky.

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