Roth Audio SUB ZERO III Wireless Soundbar : Definite Improvementon TV Sound

Superb quality at a bargain price. Well made outstanding sound.

Superb quality at a bargain price. Well made outstanding sound.

Great for parties as can move rooms easily with bluetooth. . For larger spaces, other than normal house rooms, you poss need more aps if needing extra umf but im happy with it.

Key specs for Roth Audio SUB ZERO III Wireless Soundbar – Black:

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  • No need for a separate sub, the Sub Zero III has two built-in Ultra-Bass passive drivers, two bass drivers and two full range drivers – allowing full frequency range audio in a single discrete unit
  • HDMI inputs/output (ARC), Optical, Analogue and Bluetooth inputs- Sub Zero III will connect easily to any TV or audio source (phone, tablet and laptop)
  • Roth MA DSP sound processing – bringing new life to your TV and creating a tremendous home cinema experience
  • The Sub Zero III can be wall or table mounted – will complement any room. Set up is simple so no delay in enjoying your favourite movies or music
  • “The sound is great” – 4 STARS, Q Magazine

Comments from buyers

“easy to set up and simple to use, Good soundbar but not very family friendly., Definite Improvementon TV Sound”

Pleased with the soundbar once i had it up and running. Only problem the lead provided was not as described in the instructions and didn’t work with my tv, so i had to go out and buy one.

Definite improvementon tv sound. A fraction too high for my tv so it had to be put on a shelf underneath the tv. Hdmi arc connection works very well and was the first i tried. Whatever was connected to the hdmi socket can then be connected to the back of the sub zero and it works as normal. There’s also a spare hdmi socket on the back of the unit so you gain an extra input as well. Connection via optical also works nicely. I don’t particularly care for the connection of the plug on the back of my tv so i tried it but decided to use hdmi instead.

Fantastic device, has improved all the quality of the sound from my tv.

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