Samsung HW-J355 120 W 2 : Good, but audio not always sync’d

Made a very big difference to the overall enjoyment of sound reception.

I didn’t think the sound would be so good to be honest. But when i plugged it in and set the sound to how i wanted it i was very impressed. A friend bought a very expensive sound bar recently ( around £360) the sound on the samsung is better.

Great value and sound quality. . I needed a decent speaker for my samsung smart tv as it was being fitted on the wall and couldn’t afford sonos etc. Very pleased with the functions and deep full sound i great when turning the sub woofer up. It also seems to be getting better the more i use it. Highly recommend this if you can’t afford the sonos. Here are the specifications for the Samsung HW-J355 120 W 2:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Enjoy more detailed and powerful sound
  • Experience clearer vocal performance
  • Surround yourself with cinematic sound
  • Play your mobile music out loud without wires
  • The wireless way to upgrade your TV sound
  • The power output is 2 x 60 W = 120 W

The sound bar is not completely wireless. It connects to the tv with an optic cable then the sub woofer has to be connected with wires. So really not what i expected but it does sound pretty good but with cable to the sub and optic to the tv.

There was a cable included so able to connect to tv straightaway. Took a little time to sort out how to get sound through the bar but what a difference.We have had problems with certain voices vibrating but this has stopped that. Wish we had bought this sooner. Only issue is a slight delay between picture and sound but can put up with that.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Worth the money!
  • Overall very pleased. The sound quality is a great improvement
  • Very good for the money!

Been reading, and having a good look around at various sound bars. And i have to say, the feedback here on amazon, for this particular model, stipulates it all. I’ve just purchased this for my 4k 48′, and the quality of sound, has somewhat dramatically improved. The quality really did shock, and surprise me, when you can clearly pay hundreds of pounds more, for other products out there. For the price samsung are asking here, you’re clearly getting more than enough for your money. Infact, it’s all you need in my honest opinion. The sound is crisp, clear, and anything over 20 on the volume, and the whole of warwickshire could listen to what you’re watching. It does come with an optical cable, but i opted to purchase a gold plated one from maplins.

Great piece of kit for the money. Got a new tvs and because there really slim now there is no depth to the speakers which in turn make the sound very tinny, i used optical cable from the tvs (which was in the box don’t buy separately) also works well from usb and bluetooth from my phone.

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