SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, Play 1: the Ultimate in Quality and Convenience

I held off buying a sonos for a long time as i wanted to be certain it woulda. Have the desired sound qualityb. Be able to play music whilst my laptop was offi can say that i am extremely impressed on point a and am writing this review to help others if they want to achieve point b. Let’s get the necessary bits out of the way. The app on your pc or phone works well and it took no time at all to sync the laptop and all my music on there to the sonos. Its a small unit but packs a punch. It links to deezer, spotify etc (you need premium accounts with those to stream via the sonos though). It has a huge array of internet radio stations as well which are great.

The best wireless speaker experience by far. If you have kids, and you have an amazon music subscription, and you want an easy way for the kids to play one playlist at the touch of a button, and perhaps have them wake up to a playlist, then this is the kit for you. I tried the bose units, they may sound good but they are buggy and don’t have the smart and slick interconnectedness of the sonos. The app just works – lets you pick playlists, send them to a speaker and off you go. You set the time, the playlist, and even the volume. Assign the alarm to a speaker and let it do its business.

SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black

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  • Deep, crystal clear HiFi sound, designed to be compact and surprisingly powerful
  • Stream your entire music library, popular music services and internet radio
  • Simple to set-up and control from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac
  • Bluetooth not supported
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty included

We already have a sonos play 3, which i dearly love, but it’s in the living room. Well, i’m always competing with the tv, kids’ laptops and consoles for the soundspace – and usually losing.What chance does a dad have?so. I bought a play 1 and put it in the kitchen. This little dalek is now sitting proudly up on the shelf and booming out all of my favourite music with very few objections from anyone. The sound quality for such a small speaker is stunning – even better than i was expecting. But i’m now spending more and more time in the kitchen – in fact looking for any excuse to get out there and spend some quality time with my sonos play 1.

This speaker is amazing, it really is,so i ordered the speaker and it was delivered next day, set up was so easy just plug it in and download the sonos app then follow the instructions, set up and connection to my wi-fi took about 3 mins to complete, next the room tune in if you have an iphone you get to tune the room to the speaker it took a couple of mins to walk around and the speaker was set to the roomfirst up i linked my spotify account to the sonos again very easy, set a play list going, then linked google and apple to the sonos, then linked tunein and set up my favourite radio stations up bbc 1,2,3,4,5, then my podcasts, the archers, money box, all this via tunein and whilst my spotify playlist was playing on the speakerall without a problemnow the sound is amazing it really is the bass is very rich for such a small speaker, on playing my archers podcast the voices were very clear and the background sound effect were great the bass added much to the play back on the voices, finally i played bbc radio 5, and the sound experience was just the same as for the podcasti don’t usually gush about anything these days but this speaker is really good value and i can recommend it to anyone.

Wish i had bought these years ago. This is an amazing gadget, so easy to set up, great sound and really does replace a bulky stereo. I now have 4 of these scattered around the house and the flexibility is one of the biggest selling points. I have a pair of these speakers in the lounge which are paired to give stereo sound, i have one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. We use spotify as a source for the music but there are plenty of other options. This means we can have the same music coming out of every speaker or if we wish different music from every speaker. You can also use these to listen to the radio as most national and local radio stations have a digital version. You can even use them as an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning with some gentle tunes.

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