SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker : Play:1 or Play:3? I went with the 1’s and here’s why

I have made quite a heavy investment in sonos equipment and so to expand my system i am pretty much stuck with them. Don’t get me wrong they produce great speakers that make a great sound and this has led to a very strong reputation in this arena. The problem is that their software was designed for people who had ripped their cd’s onto a hard drive and wanted to play them via a music server. The move to music services means that we are all using spotify and the like to listen to our music these days and that’s where sonos falls very badly down. Whilst they are trying to address the problem the sonos app is very much an analog solution in a digital world. The functionality is very limited you can’t even organise your online albums and playlists in folders which makes it almost impossible to find stuff if you have more than a dozen in your library. The problem is caused by the fact that the architecture of the sonos system isn’t very compatible with how spotify et al software works. If you are thinking of making a big investment (and a sonos system is a big investment) you may want to wait it out to see if they can address these critical issues. For the moment they have just stumbled but some think they may fall.

Love them, one of my better investments. . I bought my first about 9 months ago. This became 2 within a couple of days. I’m now after numbers 5 and 6 to ensure there isn’t a quiet corner of my home. The quality is fantastic, prior to this i had a £20 bluetooth speaker and the difference in sound quality is (understandably) phenomenal. I have synchronised music throughout my house and moving through different areas is seamless. My morning alarm is set to a radio station that gradually increases in volume over 10 mins, and i can’t avoid getting out of bed with the excuse ‘but they are talking about something interesting on the radio and i want to hear it’ as i can hear it no matter where i go in the house – i even have one in the bathroom. This is great benefit of synchronised audio if, like me, you’ll come up with any and many excuses to avoid starting the day. When i come home and my phone reconnects to wifi i’ve set my sonos speakers to start playing deezer flow throughout the house. I live alone and previously my house could feel quite empty/lonely when coming in, now i get a little mood boost as i walk in.

Got 2 play 1’s for christmas. After a few teething troubles, and an issue connecting to spotify, its up and running. Great sound quality for a small speaker and the option to listen to different music from each speaker is amazing. Would i recommend it?hell yeah. Here are the specifications for the SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker:

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  • Deep, crystal clear HiFi sound, designed to be compact and surprisingly powerful
  • Stream your entire music library, popular music services, and internet radio
  • Start with one, add more over time to fill your home with music
  • Simple to set-up and control from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac
  • 2-Year warranty included

Fantastic sound and build quality. Having recently got rid of hundreds of cds i was on the look out for a network streaming system and went for the play:1, having had a good listen to various (mostly far more expensive) alternatives at richer sounds. First impressions on opening the box are that you’ve bought into a top quality brand, the packaging is great and the speaker is wrapped in a cotton bag to ensure it arrives scratch free. I know this is almost irrelevant to the product itself but does build confidence in sonos’s determination to deliver quality. In addition to the speaker the box contains a very neat power cable with a custom plug that sits securely in the base of the unit (more attention to detail), a flat profile ethernet cable, a cd-rom of software and a brochure. The speaker itself is impressively solid and surprisingly heavy, they’ve obviously packed it tight with goodness. I just have a single unit, so i plugged this into my network via a home plug adaptor and downloaded the software to my android tablet. Connecting the tablet to the play:1 was as simple as pressing both buttons on the unit and waiting for about 5 seconds for the connection to be established. We were then good to go for internet radio and streaming services but i had some trouble getting connected to my nas drive where my music is stored. In the end i solved this by installing the software on my pc and populating the catalogue from there, although i think i might now have figured out how to do it from android.

Truly incredible (even upside-down sonos – sonos). I’ve always been quite content listening to music. Has made me, as odd as it sounds, truly excited to listen to music when i get home from a long day at work :)i’m so impressedstarting off with the aesthetic; i went for the black one as i’m not a big fan of white devices, the top and base of the unit are a matte black with a very high quality steel/aluminium mesh wrapping the entirety of the speaker, the mesh is interrupted only by the mounting hole and the rj-45 ethernet port. The colour of the mesh really complements the rest of the speaker, the logo is unobtrusive but happy to be there :) (i don’t think pictures do this speaker justice. It looks extremely high end irl)picking up the box, i figured there was a sandbag in the base, turns out. That the speaker itself weighs a ton. It’s not just a ‘stick a bunch of scrap iron in the bottom to make it feel heavy’ either. The weight is primarily at the bottom yes, but this thing is really solid.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I can say that they both have a very good performance for that size of speaker
  • The best wireless speaker experience by far
  • I want to love it

I went with the 1’s and here’s why. Before buying i tested a pair of play:1’s and play:3s both with and without the sub. They were used in a medium home office (8m x 6m). In my testing, the differences were not always dramatic but to my ear, a pair of 3s outdid a pair of 1s, but only slightly. Maybe not a big surprise but nonetheless, i needed to find out for myself. For me the small difference was not worth the £200 difference between a pair of 1s and 3s, and thus i went with the 1s. For the size of the room and given i’m no audiophile (although i listen to everything from classic to drum-and-bass on them) they continue to sound amazing to me. Where you will notice the biggest difference is by introducing a sub into the mix. Both the 1s and 3s by themselves in a stereo pair sound good but not nearly as rich sounding when the sub is introduced.

Absolutely amazing and fantastic sound. . I really don’t know why it took me this long to purchase a pair of sonos play 1’s?the sound is amazing as a stereo pair and truly is room filling. I have them in our kitchen/dinning room and its a fairly large open space. Setting up the speakers from the sonos app was very straight forward and very quick, once the first speaker was done it identified the second and job done. Logged into spotify and sound cloud directly from the app and also put in the path to my nas server, though this was not working as none of my music would play. Left it until the following morning to look at and it must have indexed it all over night as everything fully available on the nas and playing perfect. Reckon a second pair for another room will be bought or even the sonos amp as i have a great pair of bose interaudio bookshelf speakers i’d like to start using again.

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