SONOS PLAYBAR Wireless Home Cinema Soundbar : Good idea, will not be for everyone though

While not as good as my dedicated home cinema (5. I did not purchase it from amazon , got it from sonos direct for their 100 day money back guarantee but thought i would reviewthe setup of this device was so so so simple i was so shocked how quickly i got it set up and running , sound quality , while not as good as my dedicated home cinema (5. 1) the reason for this was to de clutter. And to get the sonos network in the house. Very pleased and will likely add the sub and some rears later on.

Having bought ourselves an expensive smart lg tv. Having bought ourselves an expensive smart lg tv, we were slightly underwhelmed by the volume output; especially when watching movies. We’d toyed with the idea of getting a soundbar for quite some time, but did our research and wanted to eventually end up with a sound system, not only in our living room, but to play music throughout the house; sonos was our plan. Having recently purchased a sonos playbar, i can’t quite believe how brilliant it is. Sound quality and volume output are amazing, and the product is so simple to use and set up, direct from your smart phonei will certainly be purchasing the additional speakers to make a sound system throughout the house. A must buy for any music/tv lover.

Thought i’d be a bit disappointed, but am impressed. Having moved house, i’ve been forced to retire my separate 5. 1 home cinema amp and speakers from the living room. The speakers in my television alone (a recent samsung) were a huge step down, so i sought to remedy with the sonos. The amp was a fairly recent purchase itself and more expensive than this, so i had low expectations that the sonos would be a worthy replacement, but i am pleasantly surprised by how close it is. I’ve been a happy sonos user elsewhere in the house for a while, but was always a bit sceptical of the soundbar. I’d recommend checking your television carefully first. You must have an optical audio out that will output (and pass-through) dolby digital unmolested. Equally, you need to be able to disable the speakers in the television, and have a compliant remote. My samsung es7000 from 2013 does this, but by luck rather than judgement and many televisions may fall-short.

Sound quality doesn’t come close to justifying price. This was my third purchase (after a play 5 and a play 3). Sadly unless you must have a one-box system (e. If you want to wall mount and don’t have a tv cabinet of any sort) then i really struggle to see the appeal of this product. Yes it sounds 100 times better than built in speakers on any flatscreen tv, and if that’s what you’re coming from you’ll be impressed initially, but next to a proper 2. 1 speaker system it’s weak and really fails to generate a soundstage (i. The sound doesn’t fill the room, you can tell it’s just coming out of the soundbar in front of you). My play 5 does an equally good job filling a similarly sized room with sound even though it’s in a corner. I don’t really get the angling of the speakers and the two orientation setup – whatever it’s trying to do it doesn’t deliver. Perhaps the sub would help, but then you’re talking about high end kit money. Returned mine after a weekend and replaced it with a sonos connect and a sony 2. 1 system (total cost almost exactly the same as the playbar).

More than a sound bar, but less than perfect. I’d been wanting to replace my bulky 5. 1 speaker system with a playbar since it was rumored. All their products have incredible sound quality so i was optimistic about this set up. Set up is easy, sound quality is good for the unit. It’s a nice product and looks great while being easy to operate. After minimal tweaking i got the sound just right. Mids and highs are clean and crisp, voices are clear, and the sub offers perfect deep/tight bass to movies, music and games. This is an incredibly balanced combination that fills the room with accurate, high-quality sound.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • More Than a Sound Bar, but Less Than Perfect
  • Thought I’d be a bit disappointed, but am impressed
  • Good kit but make use of the EU and buy from Amazon Italy

Utterly, utterly brilliant, but. First, do you love buttons, cables and don’t mind complexity?. If yes, you might do better for the money with a good surround sound amp, speakers and some careful setup. Secondly, can your tv push a dolby digital signal through its optical digital output?. If no, and particularly if it doesn’t have an optical output, look elsewhere. Thirdly, if movies are much more important to you than music and you want surround sound without 5 or more speakers in your lounge, look at the yamaha ysp2200. Finally, can you afford the sonos sub as well?. Because the playbar works so much better with it. In design and build quality terms, this is apple standard.

I own a couple of play 5 devices so i’m familiar with sonos and how they work/interact. Having turned a bedroom into a tv room i needed a soundbar, didnt want the wires associated with a full surround sound system, and the release of the sonos playbar to work alongside the sub seemed like a good solution, coupled with the fact that it would integrate nicely with what i already have. Had the product demonstrated for me in hinchlys cardiff and was very impressed with the playbar as both a standalone music streaming device, but also as a system for playing the tv sound, as you know the newer tv sound is poor these days due to the thinness of the tv. It’s always difficult to judge exactly how it will sound in your home as showrooms tend to be very large, but having got it home i am extremely impressed with the sound from the playbar, when you couple that with the deep bass tones of the sub it’s a really complete system. I appreciate it’s expensive, but it’s so simple to setup, it allows me to stream music into another room, and the sound i now get from the tv is truly room shattering. Out of the box there’s some work to do, unpacking being the major part of it, place the kit where you need, connect the playbar to the tv via the optical cable provided, power up, use the sonos controller to add a new component, follow the prompts and within 10 minutes it was all working for me. If you have a sub to add there’s some additional work to get that connected, but if you have previously used sonos you know it’s very simple. So far i am more than happy at the results for the tv room. Sound when watching blu ray films is just unbelievable, i know it’s expensive, i know you can get a full 5/7.

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