SONOS PLAYBAR Wireless Home Cinema Soundbar – Having bought ourselves an expensive smart LG TV

Sonos is the market leader in this industry by some way (my opinion) all that sonos make is speaker systems therefore all there r&d goes into there products. Should you buy a sound bar or any sonos product?i can’t praise them enough i have a soundbar and 2 play 1’s. The sound quality is simply amazing brilliant quality regardless of music type i’ve tried all genres. As a surround sound set up i’ve found it equally as good wether playing films or even youtube content. If you’ve got the money to invest in the soundbar and 2 rear speakers that would be perfect. However the 2 play 1’s produce a brilliant stereo sound (if in the same room).

Great for music and tv but not home cinema. I find the playbar works great for music and basic tv watching but if you are looking for a home cinema kit this system of the playbar sub and 2 x play 3 (rear surrounds) falls short and please note cannot handle dts sound only 5. 1not worth the money in my opinion.

Having previously owned a wired 5. 1 surround sound system worth £1000, i was excited by this but concerned it would not be the same quality. The sound quality is actually superior to my wired system, even with the playbar on its own (3. I’ll be adding a sub next week (to make 3. 1) having heard it in a hifi store as i love lots of base. 1 surround sound is expensive, but it is superior and wireless and complements the play5 and play3’s i have arround the rest of the house.

  • More Than a Sound Bar, but Less Than Perfect
  • Thought I’d be a bit disappointed, but am impressed
  • Good kit but make use of the EU and buy from Amazon Italy

More than a sound bar, but less than perfect. I’d been wanting to replace my bulky 5. 1 speaker system with a playbar since it was rumored. All their products have incredible sound quality so i was optimistic about this set up. Set up is easy, sound quality is good for the unit. It’s a nice product and looks great while being easy to operate. After minimal tweaking i got the sound just right. Mids and highs are clean and crisp, voices are clear, and the sub offers perfect deep/tight bass to movies, music and games. This is an incredibly balanced combination that fills the room with accurate, high-quality sound.

Great solution to poor tv sound. The playbar is not cheap but as a one box solution (if thats what you want) its worth its not inconsiderable weight in gold. Set up is a doddle especially if you are not new to the sonos family its all set up in 10 mins and you are ready to go. I give it four rather than five stars simply because i think you need the sub to get the absolute best from it. The addition of the sub just opens up the soundstage completely and lets the playbar get on with the mid and high range frequencies. I would recommend getting one if you can with the sub at the same time or with the expectation that you will want to start saving to add the sub to your sonos stable as soon as you can.

Features of SONOS PLAYBAR Wireless Home Cinema Soundbar

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  • HiFi soundbar ideal for TV and music lovers
  • Delivers richly textured HiFi sound to whatever you watch on your TV
  • Wirelessly streams music
  • Simple to set up, control and expand. Syncs with other Sonos speakers wirelessly
  • 2-Year warranty included

Expensive, but fantastic product. I bought this expensive sonos playbar to integrate with my other sonos speakers and get 5. 1 surround sound in my tv room. Initially i was just planning to keep it at home just a week or two to test the sound quality and find out how it works. I read a lot of reviews before i bought it and i realised that it does not support dts etc. But, it does not seem to be the problem to me as i do not use blue-ray player or anything related to dts. It does the job and in my opinion it is a high quality product that deserves more attention and positive reviews. In my opinion, it sounds the best when the setting is changed. I prefer to adjust bass and treble to maximum level, speech enhancement mode on, surround on, surround (ambient) level to full when watching tv and surround (full) level to half when listening to music. It sounds fuller, more powerful, more detailed, clearer and crisper when paired with two sonos play 1 speakers.

I’ve been a sonos fan for a while but was a bit skeptical about the sound bar. I read a few reviews so took the plunge. I have to say it’s absolutely amazing and sounds better than my expensive set up in the den. Set up was as usual easy and fast with simple instructions on my phone. So then i took the double plunge and added the sub woofer. Again i was sceptical and was ready to return it if it didn’t live up to the hype. It’s going nowhere and is awesome if you like your music a lot this is great and the tv sound is good too.

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