Sony BDV-E4100 1000 W Home Cinema System : SONY BDVE4100 3D BIUE-RAY CINEMA SYSTEM

I’ve just picked up a lightly used 2nd hand one of these and set her all up. Con first, all speakers are pre wired so no pulling the original cables through small spaces due to the sony specific plugs and unattachable cables. Nothing that some cable cutters and a few minutes with a soldering iron won’t sort though 😉 once set up though this system is immense. Connection to wifi, bt box and bluetooth mobile was slick. Hell, even my panasonic viera link tv/remote work well with this (better than it did with my panasonic dvd player lol). Have already tried streaming music from phone, watching stuff on bt and the built in blu ray/dvd player as well as watching some youtube on the built in app. Results are amazing, fills the room with quality undistorted audio. I would have quite happily paid the £280 odd you pay for this new and i would have been equally delighted.

This sony home cinema system is absolutely fantastic i can’t recommend enough. This sony home cinema system is absolutely fantastic i can’t recommend enough. Watching movies and listening to music on youtube is so much fan now that i will never regret spending a little more this absolute quality product, thanks amazon for quick, reliable delivery.

Real good sound for the money, but you may need to spend a bit more on wires. The sound is miles better than my old sony dvd surround sound system. Not because it’s blu-ray, but i mean the dvd’s also sound better. The sound quality is superb and you get nice features like youtube and such. One neat feature, is that i can listen to the tv via the surround sound without an optical cable. It seems to travel via the hdmi. Seeming as this system doesn’t have an hdmi input, i’m not sure how that works, but i’m not complaining. For the price, you’re getting a good set-up. 1, the wires are short, really short. About 2 metres for the front sides, about the same for the centre, and 4 metres for the rear. Except for the front and rear right speaker which was the only ones that were long enough, i had to cut the front/rear left and centre speakers and get cable from maplins to make it longer. Sony are under the impression that your surround system is going to be place by your tv in the centre of the room. While my tv is, my surround sound (and ps3 and sky, etc) are to the right on shelfs all nicely tucked). Here are the specifications for the Sony BDV-E4100 1000 W Home Cinema System:

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  • Full HD, 3D, triluminos colour, 1000 W and Bluetooth
  • 5.1 channel surround sound for good home cinema
  • 2x tall, 2x compact speaker and subwoofer
  • One-touch listening for instant music streaming via NFC
  • Built-in Wi-Fi to easily connect to the internet

And boy what an upgrade even my old dvd’s are looking like new purchases its like a free extra. Suitably impressed with the purchase of this for a late ‘self’ xmas prezzie, have been using a sony davs setup for dvd over a number of years and thought it was time for an upgrade, and boy what an upgrade even my old dvd’s are looking like new purchases its like a free extra. The reason for the 4 stars and not a 5 is the sound lvls it says a 1000watts but sadly its rms and probably close to 25 in real terms and seems quieter than my old setup, still its not a bad sound overall in fact it makes concert films especially a couple of the bd ones seem like i’m actually in the front row. I read up a bit beforehand and was a bit worried about cable lengths even though my room is i guess small compared to most i tend to put the cables thru a scenic route to the back of the unit and had to extend the satellite speakers last time round but not with this there was more than enough. Now looking forwards to getting a few films to watch and hopefully start yet another collection.

. It might not fit in your car if you are collecting.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good system, but item description is wrong! beware!
  • great sound for a great price
  • A great piece of equipment

Overall this is great, but more guidance on how to connect to ensure sound flows through from a normal tv broadcast would have been useful. The only answer appears to be an optical cable – phono jacks to tv external speaker sockets do not work. This has all been a bit trial-and-error though. All other set-up and assembly was simple. Only other criticism would be for sony to produce a similar system with a hard disk so programs can still be recorded from the tv – this way non-satellite customers could get rid of all their other old equipment rather than having to still keep multiple players/recorders.

I really like this dvd player it has great audio settings and. I really like this dvd player it has great audio settings and very good soundand i can plug my hard drive into the usb and play my music and films.

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