Sony HT-CT180 Sound Bar : The sound and bass quality is amazing. Also clear sound and night features are very

Looks good, sounds good, and is incredibly easy to set up. 1 soundbar, with a wireless subwoofer. On first receiving it, i have to admit to some consternation – the packaging was rather large. It took some effort to take everything out of the box. On the other hand, having done so, the components were rather straightforward. There’s the soundbar itself, a long black monolith, roughly the length of a 40 inch television. There’s the subwoofer, which is fairly hefty and extremely minimalistic, simply a black cube – and then there’s the ancillary bits – an optical cable, for connecting the soundbar to whatever device you have to hand, and a thin remote control for volume and mode settings. Setup was, honestly, really easy. I was expecting a lot more faff with configuration and so on.

Easy to set up great sound quality. From taking this out of the box, removing the protective wrapping, plugging both the bar and the sub woofer in to the power sockets and then connecting the optical cable took less than five minutes and the device was working perfectly and with my tv. This device also offers bluetooth connectivity, as my phone is a little old and lacks nfc i connected it the old fashioned way through searching and again this was very quick to do and easy to accomplish. It will hold 8 devices in its memory that have connected to it via bluetooth in the past after this point it will forget the device that hasn’t been used the longest and allow the other to connect. To connect even easier to the device you can set bluetooth to searchable and touch an nfc enabled device to the sound bar and you are connected. This is advertised as being an easy to set up device and it is refreshing when this is exactly the case. Other connection options include a 3. 5mm jack like you would have for headphones so you can still connect this way for older devices and older mp3 players. The sound quality, as you would expect from sony, is superb and really brings voices clear and in the surround mode makes films fantastic to watch. I haven’t had any issues with this and it improves the quality of sound dramatically from my samsung 40′ led full hd tvthe devices sits nicely below my tv and is exactly the same length as my 40′ tv its not wider and not a lot smaller so matches up perfectly.

Excellent soundbar and well worth the money. This was bought to go along with a new tv. Start of by saying that it was delivered quickly and well packaged. Out of the box it was incredibly easy to set up and comes with an optical connector cable. It worked straight away and my phone connected via bluetooth with no issues at all. The sound is deep and rich and loud. A good soundbar needs a bass speaker and this has one and it delivers. It has surround and clear audio functions that work depending on what you are watching. All in all, it was up and running in 5 minutes and after a month of use is working brilliantly and is used for everything from tv to playing music for parties.

Key specs for Sony HT-CT180 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer (100 W, Clear Audio Plus, Virtual Surround Sound, Bluetooth and NFC):

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  • 2.1 channel sound bar along with 100 W of cinematic sound gives movies realism they deserve
  • Easy bluetooth connectivity with NFC one-touch
  • Experience cinema quality surround sound with virtual surround sound processing
  • S-Master digital amplifier for pure sound quality and clear audio plus provides good sounding music in one step
  • Flexible setup with a compact wireless subwoofer

Comments from buyers

“Brilliant for £90, Easy to set up and use and sounds fantastic!, Easy to set up great sound quality”

Looks great, sounds great but i had a faulty item. Looks great, sounds great but i had a faulty item, it kept randomly cutting the sound so i had to send it back. It doesn’t have any display so you can’t be sure if you’ve pressed the right buttons or turned up the volume enough without looking at the sound bar to tell you the setting which doesn’t include any volume setting. Shame as i did a lot of research before purchasing.

Good audio quality but the delay is unacceptable. I bought the 100w version and i was disappointed to discover that the hdmi arc connection is missing but i’ve to admin that it was my bad, i probably had been cheated by some comments and by the faq in the official sony website. The lack of the arc port forces you to use the optical one which causes a delay of the sound from the tv. I couldn’t remove or adjust in any way this annoying delay from the tv and this is unacceptable by sony cos the tv (sony as well) costs almost one grand and it doesn’t offer any solution for this. With an hdmi arc connection you won’t have this problem. So consider this aspect before buying this sound bar. To be objective, if you turn down the tv volume, you won’t notice the delay when you are playing videogames. But you will when you are watching the normal channels or a blue ray or youtube. The only workaround is to use kodi for watching movies, which will allow you to adjust the audio cut off and remove the delay (200ms circa). The sound is very good and the subwoofer is ‘little but angry’, you can adjust the bass volume separately and this helps us too keep calm the neighborhood, but when you want to unleash his power you will be surprised about what this mini sound system can do.

Improves the quality on in-built tv speakers. I have a sony bravia tv and the sound is tinny, i bought a sharp soundbar a few years ago and it became temperamental. I bought the sony soundbar for better compatibility. The bar comes with the optical cable and was easy to connect. The soundbar improves the quality of the sound and the speech is nice and clear. I have included a photo to show the bar in situ.

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