Sony HT-CT80 2 : Easy to set up and use and sounds fantastic!

Looks great, sounds great but i had a faulty item. Looks great, sounds great but i had a faulty item, it kept randomly cutting the sound so i had to send it back. It doesn’t have any display so you can’t be sure if you’ve pressed the right buttons or turned up the volume enough without looking at the sound bar to tell you the setting which doesn’t include any volume setting. Shame as i did a lot of research before purchasing.

The sound and bass quality is amazing. Also clear sound and night features are very. The sound and bass quality is amazing. Also clear sound and night features are very good. It is very easy to connect to the soundbar using bluetooth from mobile phone. Also no need to use remote if you want to play something over bluetooth as the sound bar comes off standby mode itself. It has optical connectivity, nfs, bluetooth, usb, so various features for low price.

This is a premium product at a bargain price. Setup is a doddle, wireless subwoofer allows it to be placed anywhere you like without messy cables. Sound quality is as you would expect from sony, top notch, extremely clear and precise sound. One niggle is that the power leads on the sound bar and woofer are a little short. Also if you get an echo sound when connected to your tv, just disable your tvs internal speaker. Should also note that the subwoofer volume can be controlled by the remote, which is a nice touch. Bluetooth music steaming also works great from your smartphone as is easily paired with nfc.

Key specs for Sony HT-CT80 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Virtual Sound System (80 W, Bluetooth and NFC):

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  • 2.1 channel sound bar and 80 W power output enables you to experience movies and the sound with the cinematic realism
  • Experience cinema quality surround sound with virtual surround sound processing
  • S-Master digital amplifier for pure sound quality and clear audio plus provides good sounding music in one step
  • Easy bluetooth connectivity with NFC one-touch
  • Designed to fit with slim profile design to blend into any living environment

Comments from buyers

“Brilliant for £90, Easy to set up and use and sounds fantastic!, Easy to set up great sound quality”

Good sound quality and bass. . The soundbar and sub came well packaged and arrived here safely. The soundbar and sub feel and look like they are good quality. They look sleek and stylish and go well with most tv setups as they are quite neutral. The sub is around the size of two loaves of bread stacked on top of each other so you need to make sure you have room for that. Setting them up was easy, it was quick and painless. You need to make sure before you buy this that your tv either has an optical port or bluetooth functionalities. The sound quality is very good. It’s not the best, but for a midrange system it’s actually very impressive. It gives you that cinema feel if you turn the bass up a little, and if you crank it up all the way, you have a cracking sound system.

Wanted a midrange sound bar and after researching various websites and reviews i opted for this. The sound bar looks stylish and is easy to set up with the cable included, a decent size remote control and a very clear, easy to read instruction manual. My samsung tv is about 7 years old and 40′. There was no problem with compatibility or anything like that. It was pretty much just plug in and play. Mainly bought for music and films i tested it with skyfall and the opening scene sounds superb. You have the option to turn the subwoofer up or down independently and there are a few options for you should you wish to watch something late at night without disturbing the kids (or wife – babestation)the sound will not blow you away. It’s £90, not £900 so don’t expect your ears to bleed.

I purchased a samsung 52 inch uber tv at christmas and loved it. The picture is superb and i thought the sound was too. . However after a few weeks the inner i need something else monster awoke:( i bought this sound bar as a result of other reviews and the price. The quality is great and installation is straight forward, the sound is so fantastic, it makes my tv sound seem so lame. I even did the switching the sound bar on/off for the difference and its staggering especially for the price.

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