Sony HT-NT3 Multi-Room Sound Bar Speaker, Great sound but sync drift issue with TV.

First impressions, the box is large and very strangely shaped to accommodate the length of the sound bar. Must be a nightmare storing them at the warehousenext up, and back to the length of the sound bar. This thing is long (or should that be wide).If you are planning on placing this on your tv stand, make sure it will fit without hanging over the edges. Note that it can also be mounted on a wall if preferable. As you are no doubt already aware, the sub woofer is wireless, so can be placed anywhere in the same room (but still needs to be plugged into a mains socket). This is really handy as you can play with the location of the sub to work out where it sounds best, or hide it out of the way if you prefer. This system acts as a full av receiver in that it is designed for all your devices to connect through it to the tv, therefore there are three hdmi inputs for you to plug in multiple devices (eg. Blu ray player, games console, media player) and one hdmi output to connect to your tv.

Solid all round centrepiece for your media needs. I bought this to replace a marantz nr1504 as the centrepiece of a fairly complicated home a/v configuration with a chromecast, qnap ts453 pro, tivo and sony bravia tv connected; additional media servers are accessed over a 1gb lan. All devices are controlled through a logitech harmony 555 programmable remote which required some guess work on my part to program for the sound bar as it was not listed in the compatible devices listing. However i was able to quickly locate a similar supported device after a brief search online and have full access to all day to day functions of the ht-nt3 via the harmony remote. I should state that i am no audiophile but whilst on rare occasions i notice the lack of 5. 1 surround in day to day usage the ht-nt3 provides a nice warm sound with decent bass delivered by the wireless subwoofer. The vastly simplified cabling is also much appreciated, needing only hdmi cables and (in our case) a network cable although wifi can be used. The ht-nt3 also provides built in google cast which is great for our audio needs (we’re a google play music all access household), and does sterling duty for movie nights and day to day tv watching. The ability to use as a bluetooth speaker or as a transmitter (for headphones) is great; ours is set to transmit bluetooth for headphones late at night (see my other reviews for the set i use). All in all we’re very happy with this purchase, and will probably purchase the srs-x99 for the kitchen when our pure avanti flow finally dies.

Sony HT-NT3 Multi-Room Sound Bar Speaker

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  • Music as the artist intended with High-Resolution Audio
  • The best of online music with built-in music streaming from Spotify Connect and Google Cast for audio music services
  • Music anywhere anytime with wireless multi-room playback powered by SongPal Link
  • Share your smartphone music in high quality with new wireless LDAC Bluetooth technology
  • Designed to fit with slim profile design to blend into any living environment

Great sound but sync drift issue with sony tv. . I have these speakers with a sony 65x8509cbu tv. The sound is great, a very rich cinema experience with wonderful bass from the woofer. Setup was very easy and it integrated well with the tv. There seems to be a very irritating feature in that the sound drifts when watching tv programs – not all the time but more often than not. I have not been able to work out if the issue is in the tv to soundbar connection (no issue on tv speakers), the tv itself or the soundbar. So far no resolution from sony technicians. It is going back under warranty to be checked out.

Makes my sony tv singand rumble. The sound is everywhere. . It comes in a very big and scary box. This is really easy to set up. . To set up with a sony bravia tv you use the easy start up guide leaflet. . The guide tells you what to do with an hdmi or optical digital cable. The set up guide is easy to follow and works2. It has 3 hdmi inputs that are extra to your tv3.

. I thought ikea had sent me a small chair. They say that kids sometimes have more fun with box than the contents. There may be some truth in that. After unpacking the bar and bass box. I did find instructions a little thin on the ground. Not in technical terms i guess. Still plug in a couple of power cables.

Sony HT-NT3 Multi-Room Sound Bar Speaker : The sound bar was really easy to set up – in fact. The sound bar was really easy to set up – in fact, the hardest part was deciding where to put the subwoofer as it’s quite large. Being wireless makes this an easier task but you will need your wifi password. (it can also be set up with a wired connection if you prefer). Set up is basically a case of connecting the tv to the sound bar with a hdmi lead (note: the lead isn’t included). Then, if necessarily, connecting other peripherals (sky/digibox, xbox, dvd/bluray) to the other 3 hdmi ports and then plugging in to the power. Fitting it on the wall would obviously take a bit longer but looks pretty simple to do. The sound is good and you can tweak it to your preferences as there are modes for movies, sport, music and games. Also there’s a ‘night’ mode (which makes it great for using when others are sleeping) and a mode to enhance the voices so what’s being said is clearer over all of the bangs, crashes and other sound effects. Streaming music from a device such as a smart phone or tablet is as simple as downloading the app from the appropriate store and connecting via bluetooth.

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