Sony HT-RT5 Soundbar : Very happy bunny

A great 5. 1 sound system, without the need for cables running across the living room. I bought this unit to replace a wired 5. 1 system as the wife was not happy with the wires to the rear speakers. This really served the purpose, and now our living room looks much tidier as a result. You get a soundbar and two rear speakers as well as a wireless sound woofer; we chose this over the sonos sounder, woofer and sonos play:1s as the sonos system costs over 3x as much. We do not regret it one bitthe rear speakers were very easy to mount on my wall, even for a diy newbie; i just drilled two screws and the rear speakers slot in well. Of course the speakers are mains powered so make sure each speaker has a power supply (this will still produce a wire trailing across the wall so be aware of that). Sound quality is good – i find a soundbar is not quite as good as a centre and two front speakers in terms of sound separation, but this system looks so much better that i happily accept the trade off. 1 effects are good (there are a variety to choose from) so long as there is a 5.

Great item delivered fastscaling down from dennon amps, kef 3005se 7. 1 system i was a worried about a significant drop in quality. Was suprised how good this is not in the same league but it definately delivers.Future proofed and excellent build quality.

Absolutely first rate bit of kit, dolby films are amazing, bass is spot on and adjustable. I thought the football ambience setting was a gimmick but i was wrong – it is great for any team arena sport and really does add to the effect of being there. It also seems to adjust the output based on the real time events taking place on the screen. Turning off the dialogue from commentators makes it feel as though you are stood in the crowd – amazing. Music is superb and a complete revelation – i had no idea what i was missing previously. Just occasionally you buy something that takes your breath any and makes you wonder why, why, why you didn’t buy one sooner – this is one of those occasions. Here are the specifications for the Sony HT-RT5 Soundbar:

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  • Experience real surround sound – 5.1 channels of immersive audio with wireless rear speakers, a three channel sound bar, wireless subwoofer and two wirelessly connected rear speakers combine to deliver a realistic sound stage
  • Hear every detail from six speakers, full-frequency sound from a combination of powerful wireless speakers and sophisticated technologies
  • The HT-RT5 supports a wide range of wireless technologies and music streaming services, so you can connect to all your favourite songs, instantly
  • Listen to music in another room – let the same song follow you around the house with multi-room listening, controlled via the SongPal app
  • Connect to everything – with 3x HDMI inputs, 1x HDMI ARC output, a USB input and optical digital and analogue connections, there’s space for all your equipment.

Simply brilliant simple to setup. Simple to setup, simple to use and sounds fantastic. If you love your home cinema and are fed with the wires then this one box wireless system is the answer to all your prayers. It is a genuine bonafide plug and play home cinema system right out of the box. Plug in all the speakers (you will need 4 separate sockets or an extension lead if you have no spare sockets for the surrounds) connect to your tv, plug in the supplied microphone to calibrate your room acoustics and job done. It took me less than 20mins from unboxing to listening it realy was that easy. I wont bore you with the specs as that’s been covered in previous reviews and are listed above, however i will say that this bar boasts some serious tech and is not your average run of the mill stick under the telly soundbar it is a genuine 5. A wolf in sheep’s clothing if you will.

Fantastic results from nice looking sony kit. I have always been a bit of a home cinema fan. Over the years i have tried lots of different setups all utilizing wired ‘seperates’. Due to a recent room renovation and pressure from ‘her indoors’ i decided on a soundbar to go with our 18 month old 52′ lg tv. At last i have the sound that i have been after and never managed to achieve. In short, this soundbar is the best piece of home cinema kit i have ever bought. I agree that you will have to set it up manually to get the best levels but once you have done that it is awesome. 1 and it will create a massive soundstage with a fabulous rear presence even from regular non 5. The subwoofer brings out the best in every soundtrack, not just booming away like most subs i have had. In a subtle way it adds to the other speakers creating a nice wide room filling soundstage. Also, something else i am well impressed with is the dialogue clarity which is the best i have experienced from my past setups, some of which have cost considerably more than this. If you are looking for a qualitysoundbar with the added attraction of true 5. 1 sound you have just found it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • High quality sound with depth and clarity
  • OMGosh Why Why Why?

The only problem i am having is sorting out the surround on an hybrid multi channel cd; it has worked but i don’t know if i have changed something on the settings or may be on the settings of the blue ray player the manuals don’t seem to help. But on dvds and blue ray no problems.

Good sound, easy to set up, remote control included. . Firstly like others have said the box is huge : not sure why (warning sticker: 2 man pick-up). My only warning is that the sound bar is huge (length)- should come with a warning unless you have a 60′ tv/or tv stand. The sound bar can be mounted on the wall and comes with speaker mounts. Placing the bar on the floor (which i expect most people will have to do) do affect the sound so i am looking for some small spikes /stands to lift the bar off the floor by an inch or so. The system comes with easy set up/microphones (just place where you sit and let the auto set up do the rest). The will need plugs located where your speakers are and if mounted on the wall you will need suitable speaker mounts (rear speakers) and cable hides (standard width electric cables can be difficult to hide). The wireless connection was automatic (secure function can be used to prevent interference if required). Currently no issues in may house – i use bt broadband wireless. Can connect up to three external devices (hdmi only).

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