Toshiba Mini 3D Sound Bar II : Does what I wanted.

Good sound and value for money. I bought this for my parents as they had a new tv and, like most today, it has rear-facing speakers that sound rubbish. Generally it works very well and is a major improvement on the normal tv sound. In my case i deliberately chose to use the 3. 5mm jack connection as when you plug that in to the tv it mutes the internal speakers and allows you the use of the single tv remote to control the sound from tv/dvd/etc. However, if you do so then remember to disable any fancy ‘surround sound’ feature of the tv otherwise the overall effect is poor. In my case i also set the tv’s equaliser to cut the bass slightly and boost the treble, resulting in a more natural sound overall (and the tv remembers such changes on power off). The main down-side of this product are:(1) it defaults to another input (probably hdmi-arc) on power-up, and not remembering any previous settings (or even noticing the 3. 5mm jack is inserted alone, so that is the only possible source). Still, my elderly parents manage to use it without difficulty so its not too bad.

Amazing, unbelievable and satisfied. Ingenious, surprising and most of all, satisfying to hear such unbelievable loud and clear sound coming from this mini soundbar and the subwoofer. The 3d sound has to be heard to be believed, it’s really quite decent, though may not be as good as a bigger soundbar, but most of the rivals will cost twice or twice the size to be able to rival this mini soundbar. Leave the 3d on all time, can tell the difference most of the time whether it’s off or on. Also, it works if the tv is on the wall but ya can leave it on the floor in the middle and still doing well. 3d surround is pretty good and if you are in a small room, it will be able to produce much better immersion that normal tv speakers, same goes to music when compared to normal laptop speakers. There are 3 settings: games, movie and music, just turn on whichever one that suits you. Overall, very impressed with this, but it can’t be cranked too loud or it will distort.

Small, ideal for output from consoles and portable devices to provide a good sound output. We got this soundbar from toshiba primarily for our sons room so he could experience surround sound from his games console (which is currently using the fairly poor speakers of his tv). The fact that he can also pair his ipod means we can get rid of his old ipod dock which isn’t working quite as well with his new ipod touch 5 due to needing and adapter to plug in. The plan here was to get better sound for both and not need yet another plug socket. The product came heavily boxed with a large external package then big box full of polystyrene inside. It needed to be fairly large due to the size of the contents (including a sub woofer). The package contains the sound bar, sub woofer, remote with batteries, a 3. 5mm stereo cable and european and british plugs for both the sub and soundbar. The soundbar itself can be connected to two hdmi inputs with one output, allowing it to switch them to an output display whilst processing the sound. It can also be connected to a stereo output and optical.

Key specs for Toshiba Mini 3D Sound Bar II with Wireless Sub Woofer and Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D sound technology:

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  • Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D sound technology – 3D sound experience regardless of where you are sitting, room dimensions or device location – and without the clutter of obtrusive speakers and cables
  • External wireless subwoofer for even more bass to enhance rich tones
  • Two HDMIs Inputs along with one output for HD switching as well as with one optical audio input.
  • Compatible with your TV, computer, tablet and smartphone (via cable connection or Bluetooth/NFC)
  • Simple Plug & Play easy setup – no complex calibration or additional cabling needed

Comments from buyers

“I found the sound quality quite good & much, Excellent build but plagued by a constant hiss/buzzing at low volume, Totally Addicted to Bass”

Pretty good for the price when it’s working and infinitely better than the terrible sound from the tv alone. And the respective parts are small enough to sit neatly on a shelf and do not have to be nailed to a wall – so, good design. Movie mode seems to work best for both tv and film, games mode for radio. Sometimes though when you turn everything on there is no sound at all, and after a bit of stomping about in fury and switching things on and off – the tv, the tosh, the bt youview – the sound comes on at deafening volume. I know this sounds pathetic and rubbish, but unless techno man (hubby) is around to soothe, twiddle knobs and pore over the combined manuals of all these meeja gadgets i’m now almost too afraid to turn the telly on and resort to a book instead. I’m no technophobe but it drives me crazy having to grapple with three separate dibbers, four with the dvd control, a box of tricks under the telly and another with flashing blue lights on the windowsill, plus remembering which hdmi thingy you need. However, techno man gives the tosh a very positive thumbs up. So that’s ok then – just as long as he’s in the house.

Only really works with my iphone/bluetooth, otherwise pretty much a waste of space. . It works well with my iphone and when i play tunes from my itunes library via the device using bluetooth/wireless link, i get a lovely deep, room-filling sound (especially when i press the ‘3d’ button on the remote) apart from that, however, a bit of a dead loss really. I have tried to connect to my tv using hmdi (bought a brand new cable especially) and nothing at all happened. I then tried using a direct audio cable but all i get is a lot of static/hiss and poor quality reproduction of what is playing on the tv while i get nothing at all through the sound bar when i try to play my itunes library via the apple tv link to my tv. I phoned the toshiba ‘help’ line and they could not help me either. They could not find my brand of tv (purchased 2 years or so ago via amazon, but already delisted). I suspect that might be the problem (not high enough spec?) and shall keep the sound bar in anticipation of upgrading at some stage (although, to be honest, i would really like an ‘all-in’ tv which will allow me to dispense with the growing accumulation of stuff around the tv (sound bar, woofer, apple tv, apple iphone adapter (£40. 00 – useless, as my broadband is so unreliable and cuts out when i am in the middle of watching a non-uk programme via my iphone) (have gone over to using youtube instead).

Very surprised at the sound for such a small item.

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