Trevi 40W Soundbar 2 – Fabulous piece of kit

Exactly what it says on the tin. This sound bar is very good value for money. I got the white one by accident but actually it hides quite well against the white wall behind the tv instead of seeing more black like the tv. Sound quality is brilliant and now my tv is only on volume 6 and not 11. Cant recommend it enough :-).

Bigger than i expected but the sound quality is excellent, really enriched the thin speaker quality of todays slim tvs. Would also reccomend for pcs as it plugs into head phone socet. All cables and wall brackets supplied with product.

I love the great sound and rate it very high. I will spread the word far and wide.

  • Trevi speaks for itself!
  • A decent, no-frills sound booster
  • Analogue Sound Bar

We bought the trevi 40w soundbar 2. 1 in black 6 to 7 months ago now and i must say that it has been absolutely fantastic. Yes you could buy a more powerful soundbar at a lot more money, but i think as value for money goes, this product ticks all the boxes. It produces great sound, looks very stylish and is very uncomplicated and understated. It all depends on what you want in life really. If you want an aston martin but can’t afford it, you are not going to get an aston martin. If you are on a budget but want a worthwhile, reliable, stylish soundbar, this is the one for you. You can even choose a black or a white one, how good is that.Also it comes with a wall mounting kit includedthis doesn’t pretend to be top end, but for value for money, it’s top dollar.

Not bad, but not exactly mindblowing. . Ordered this as the model i was after shot up in price. After reading numerous reviews i had high hopes for the sound quality and generally having a soundbar. I’m on the fence with an opinion,for instance, on movies it’ll take away that annoying tinny rattling sound at high volumes that occurs on my tv, and on xbox it’ll enhance the sound ever so slightly, personally, i can’t really tell the difference between normal and ‘3d’ mode apart from a slight bass increase. Static can be heard if you mute the bar but not off putting. It looks good, built quite well and i guess for the price. . Can’t grumble too much overall. I sold my old phone to envirofone for amazon cash. So this was practically free for me. Overwise, i’d be considering a refund.

Features of Trevi 40W Soundbar 2.1 Stereo System perfect for LCD TVs (Black)

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • 2.1 Sound Amplification system All in one design
  • 2 Way Bass Reflex 2 x 2.5″ 10W, 1 x 3.5″ Subwoofer
  • Digital Volume Control / 3D Sound Effect
  • Perfect for TV / DVD / Computers – standard 3.5mm Stereo input Jack
  • Wall Mountable (Kit included). Total Power 40W (Max)

Easily to follow instruction. What a difference to watching tv, music. Easily to follow instruction. I am a happy chappy with mu buy.

Easily to follow instruction. What a difference to watching tv, music. Easily to follow instruction. I am a happy chappy with mu buy.

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