Yamaha Srt1000 Blk : sounds fantastic.

It’s easy to use, nice to look at (pretty invisible really sitting under the tv). Way better than my original tv sound.

Works well and sound is pretty good, much better than tv sound. Works well and sound is pretty good, much better than tv sound. Only gripe is that the tv remote loses control of the soundbase almost every day. However i think this may be the tv remote rather than the soundbase and it is easy to reset.

Only if you want it to be. ). I stuck this little beauty under my 42 inch plasma to replace my now dead ysp1100 and i couldn’t be happier with it. The mid range is crisp an precise the treble not too bright and the bass sounds awesome for a box with no external sub.

Key specs for Yamaha Srt1000 Blk:

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  • Digital Sound Projector Technology
  • A True 5.1 Channel System that Lets You Enjoy the True Realism and Powerful Surround Sound that Only Yamaha Can Deliver
  • Dual Built-In Subwoofers with Bass Reflex Ports
  • High Sound Quality Wireless Music Streaming with Bluetooth
  • HOME THEATER CONTROLLER App for Easy Operation

Comments from buyers

“Excellent quality all round, its a floor shaker (. only if you want it to be.), Deep rich impressive sound; but not surround sound.”

Easy to set up and delivers wonderful sound.

I could not believe the difference it makes until i used it. A total change of tv sound experience. Of course it is not as good as a full 5. 1 surround system (probably because my room is stuffed with furniture), but way better than just a sound bar and takes a negligible space under the tv.

Looks great and nice to get away from the old 5 speaker set up as well as a spaghetti junction of cables. Set up was a piece of cake with just one cable link. As my tv set is a bit on the old side i had to get a toslink to mini cable (also on amazon) which cam from the usa in very quick time. Lots of settings to play with but so far we are really happy with the sound output. Still suffer from too much loud background music on a number of programmes but the clear voice setting does help with this problem.

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