Yamaha YAS105BLB Soundbar, Impressive for the price

Definitely worth considering if looking for a punchy soundbar. Bought this about a month ago. Have had my eye on it since it was released, mainly as it offers a coax input and my toshiba tv doesn’t have an optical out which the likes of sony, samsung or lg soundbars all require. The toshiba soundbar i previously had was rubbish. All hooked up in less than 15 minutes and downloaded the app on my iphone. Really impressed with the sound quality and depth of sound. The bluetooth facility to stream spotify from my phone or tablet is brilliant and is probably what we use it for most. It is infinitely better than the toshiba soundbar. Also like the fact that the led lights can be switched off, so aren’t distracting underneath the tv when you’re watching it.

Has added great sound quality whilst watching tv. Has added great sound quality whilst watching tv. Before this purchase, the tv sounded tinny but it is now 100% better. Great price for a good quality item.

Yamaha YAS105BLB Soundbar with Dual Built-in Subwoofers – Black

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  • Bluetooth wireless playback with app control

The sound is pretty good considering this is an all in one set up and for the price it’s what i expected. The bass is adequate when on max and the standby and remote teach functions as work well. The surround of course is non existent as with all soundboard and i would have liked an eq but still very happy overall.

Makes a huge difference to tv sound without the need for the paraphernalia of surround sound speakers. Looks good in front of the tv as well. Clear voice function works well with ‘messy’ sound and using it with movies on the tv brings a whole new dimension to them.

I love the deep bass the inbuilt sub-woofers give. Very impressive for the price. I love the deep bass the inbuilt sub-woofers give. Anything on hd is really clear. Action movies are great – you get a real cinema experience with the deep rumbling. The mid range is a little underwhelming and not too dissimilar to my tv speakers. Turn the sound bar up and you get a lot more thrills than you might expect when compared to performance at lower volumes. Overall, i am very happy with this product and i don’t regret buying it. I would certainly recommend it (for the non-audiophile).

Yamaha YAS105BLB Soundbar with Dual Built-in Subwoofers – Black : Excellent soundbar with only one minor drawback which at the price point of £99 can’t be argued which is why it gets the 4 star rating. For my own use i like a lot of bass, not that the yas-105 lacks it entirely; everyones taste is different. I combine movies with music listening with this so for me i will be purchasing a yamaha subwoofer to match up for music and to add some extra depth to the bar. Don’t get me wrong though for the size and design of the unit bass production is still very good however it does start to drop out when the volume is raised above 23 using the iphone control app on music listening. The yas-105 easilly outperforms alternative brands within the current price bracket, i’ve listened to a few including sony and samsung costing £150-£175 and the yamaha wins hands down. It’s the second yamaha system in the house. Not only do you get the solid build quality but the sound quality is superb. I’d seen another review suggesting the bar was lacking clarity in voice but booming on action scenes, in my experience having spent time tweaking the settings for different sources and input devices i do not find this to be the case. I can understand the reviewers point but founf by enabling the “clear voice” function and adjusting bass settings it solves the problem.

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