Yamaha YSP-2500 Wireless Digital Sound Projector : First and foremost the sound genuinely is absolutely fantastic. I particularly love being able to enjoy noisy

I’m a qualified audio engineer and have a critical ear when it comes to all things audio. This yamaha is in a league of its own. My room isn’t the ideal shape with furniture that will diffuse and absorb the sound beams but i’m still getting great sound.I’m sitting too close to the rear wall for reflections to sound like they are coming from behind but the excellent side imaging and strong centre channel still make it immersive. You forget it’s just a sound bar sitting i front of you. Really subtle but can rock when it needs to and is controlled and pretty tight. You can also tweak soo much it’s unreal and if you know what your doing can dial things in even more.If you have the budget, buy buy buy.

Sound from this bar is best i have heard from in store testing of others such as the sonos. The yamaha has great depth and the surround sound is amazing considering the sound bar is producing the effect.

Very average sound for the price. . This device has a reasonable sound, overall. The ‘bar’ itself uses very small speakers so relies on the subwoofer unit to generate mid-range frequencies. This means that positioning the sub unit is important, compared to traditional subs. I wouldn’t recommend this device if you want to listen to music primarily – the lack of midrange fidelity shows – seems to work better for movies and tv. The design relies on nearby walls to bounce sound to create a surround effect. If your room isn’t a conventional shape or you need to put your device in a corner (like mine) then don’t expect anything like the effect that a traditional 5. Occasionally the wireless link to the sub unit breaks for a few seconds despite it being close to the bar. Other than that it seems to function as expected.

Key specs for Yamaha YSP-2500 Wireless Digital Sound Projector – Silver:

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  • Reproduces real surround sound, different from virtual surround
  • Digital Sound Projector technology for precision sound control
  • Support for HDMI 2.0 specification
  • Wireless compatible, can be installed horizontally or vertically, allowing flexible placement
  • Rigid aluminium chassis with thick aluminium top panel to ensure clear and rich sound

Comments from buyers

“Generally brilliant: but not necessary for every user!, Exactly what the doctor ordered. buy now., First and foremost the sound genuinely is absolutely fantastic. I particularly love being able to enjoy noisy “

Easy to set-up using the auto set-up function. Lovely clear sound, easy to set-up using the auto set-up function. We are still tweaking some of the settings as there are a number of options but very pleased with the item. The unit itself is very well built and would recommend. Doesn’t have quite the surround sound of our previous unit as that had rear speakers but the loss of wires trailing everywhere is so much better. I have however felt the sound balance on this unit when watching a block buster movie, has meant i haven’t had to grab for the remote to turn the sound down when going from a talking scene to a loud action or music section. So currently really impressed and would recommend to anyone wanting good sound from a sound bar without the multiple speakers around your room.

Generally brilliant: but not necessary for every user. Okay – due to comments from my wife on the skill-level i have displayed in the past for pulling cables through walls, it appeared that the full 7. 1 system we have had for a few years had to go with the arrival of our wood floor (no carpets to hide 80m of cables). Given the go-ahead to buy a gizmo and gadget, i went straight to what hi-fi and which?. What hi-fi gave this soundbar 5-stars but it doesn’t even make a best buy on which?. Another concern when we were researching was the number of inputs- most soundbars work through an arc input from the tv to feed sound input to the tv back to the bar to decode and output. However, we have a full-ish home cinema set up including a projector and tv so we needed to be able to input sounds direct to the soundbar and not just to a tv. Having had av separates for many years, i knew about the reputation of yamaha for av devices – albeit never having owned one. In the interim, there was a ‘near-miss’ with a very expensive bose system on a weird special offer – back to that later. I didn’t want to trial the speaker in a shop as i was certain that it would disappoint compared to our existing system of separates, but double-treble checked reviews i trusted (any av site, richer sounds, verified amazon purchases) and clicked on delivery using prime.

First and foremost the sound genuinely is absolutely fantastic. I particularly love being able to enjoy noisy. I bought this to replace a decent but oldish 5. 1 setup (5 year old budget whathifi winning speakers and receiver) that didn’t have arc and was too complicated for my wife and kids. My tv is very slim and low (samsung curved 4k) and this is still low enough that it doesn’t impinge on the bottom of the screen. First and foremost the sound genuinely is absolutely fantastic. I particularly love being able to enjoy noisy films at sensible volumes and still being able to hear the dialogue without constantly turning the volume up and down. Movie effects are pretty convincing too despite my room not quite conforming to one of their recommended layouts. On the downside i gave up on using the bar’s hdmi inputs as more than half the time the setup ended up auto selecting the wrong inputs and required multiple controllers to fix it and it wasn’t consistent. My setup is pretty simple with just sky, the bar and the tv so this was frustrating and didn’t ease adoption into the house with my wife.

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