Yamaha YSP-2500 Wireless Digital Sound Projector : Yamaha impress with sound projection soundbar.

Very good sound system easy to setup better than a sony system i had the only problem i have with it is when i turn on my sky box it dose not turn on the sound bar but my tv turns on ok the only way i can get the sound bar to work is to turn the tv on first which uses the tvs arc which then turns on the sound bar then i turn on the sky box which then goes to the hdmi 1 and it work just find?.

Sound from this bar is best i have heard from in store testing of others such as the sonos. The yamaha has great depth and the surround sound is amazing considering the sound bar is producing the effect.

This is one complete sound system. Setup is fairly easy with only the need for an optical cord (included). You need to download the “musiccast controller app” on your phone, which is basically going to be your soundbars ‘brains’. Setup from here is ‘fairly’ easy with a guide to setting up your ios devices wi-fi, and your network (your home’s modem). The rest of the setup is through your flat screen with the remote controller. The sub-woofer is bluetooth (no wires from your soundbar) which is very convenient, but it must not be obstructed from the soundbar with furniture. You can also hook up a blu-ray player with an hdmi cord (not included) from your blu-ray player to your soundbar. For this you will an extra hdmi cable to go from your soundbar to your flat screen. The sound is different than what i expected.

Key specs for Yamaha YSP-2500 Wireless Digital Sound Projector – Black:

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  • Reproduces real surround sound and it is different from virtual surround
  • Digital Sound Projector technology for precision sound control
  • Support for HDMI 2.0 specification
  • Wireless compatible, it can be installed horizontally or vertically allowing flexible placement
  • Rigid aluminium chassis with thick aluminium top panel to ensure clear and high sound

Comments from buyers

“Generally brilliant: but not necessary for every user!, Exactly what the doctor ordered. buy now., First and foremost the sound genuinely is absolutely fantastic. I particularly love being able to enjoy noisy “

Great product, good sound, the sub works great with no cables. I love the automatic set for the surround. Sometimes i still look for speakers behind me 😂my room is not ideal and it’s still working greet.

Even in my odd shaped room this soundbar creates a room of sound. The setup is extremely easy using the supplied mic and the result is that everything sounds better. The sub is remarkably capable and being bluetooth i was able to put it behind the sofa where i had a spare power socket. I can only imagine how much better this would sound in a square room without a vaulted ceiling, but for my purposes love it. Wife wasn’t convinced initially so mid way through film i turned it off and let the tv pick up sound duties again, with barely a pause she demanded it be put back on :).

Cracking upgrade from aging 5. 1 system. Being a complete tech nerd, i read up on this product for about two weeks solid before purchasing. I had my doubts as to whether or not it could replace my aging 5. 1 system, but if anything, it’s improved upon it. The setup is easy and if you let the system auto tune the directional sound beams to your room layout, you get a pretty good result. The sound for movies is clear and packs a lot of bass. I was so close to spending £1000 on speakers for a new 5. 1 setup, but i’m pleased i went for this in the end. Half the price, neater and the sub can go anywhere you want.

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