Yamaha YSP2200 Digital Sound Projector : You get what you pay for and as you pay a lot

Great product, glad i won it, very expensive. Ok, music is more my forte, so if like me you want to play mp3’s and flac, via your pc via your pc’s media player (mine is xmplay) i had to use nvidia’s hd audio with an hdmi cable into the soundbar, then one from the bar into the back of my monitor, i also had spdif connected as wellbefore i used hdmi the music has little or no bass, low freq awol, even though the virgin cable box sounded greati setup nvidea hd as default sound device, 7. 1 to activate all the speakers, test was fine, in the dock i put the bass and tone up (not talking about sub here) i also cranked the sub up to 5+, set on stereo mode and the tunes are thumping, i was damned if i was going to let a set of logitech £90 5. 1 speakers sound better than a £500+ soundbar, all working fine nowincidentally i use the wasapi plugin and give it exclusive mode when using nvidea hd, prevents other potential sound conflicts as well.

Bought this to replace my samsung 5. The sound quality is very good, with good bass response and clear mid/upper frequencies. The feet can be removed to aid better placement in front/below your tv. 1 surround effect isn’t as good as a full surround system, maybe this is because i have the sound bar positioned at an angle in the corner of the room but you do still get some good surround effects. Would have given it 5 stars but at the price i bought it at (£499) it wasn’t cheap, also the hdmi cec control doesn’t always work so it doesn’t always switch off when you switch the tv off (lg 47′).

So i got this today, set up is painless and i was up and running within about 30 minutes including unpacking and running cables. Actual sound is surprisingly good. Its still early days but i think the dialogue is a bit weak – will need to look at the settings. It’s not a replacement for proper surround sound but it’s pretty damn close considering you’ve no other speakers.

Key specs for Yamaha YSP2200 Digital Sound Projector:

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  • 7.1 channel surround sound
  • One remore control HDMI CEC
  • 11 Cinema DSP programmes
  • 1080p-compatible HDMI (3D and Auto Return Channel, 3 IN/1 OUT)
  • Low profile soundbar

Comments from buyers

“Easy to set up, good quality sound, tidy., Surround sound without wires, Saving space with brilliant sound performance”

Saving space with brilliant sound performance. My partner was adament that we could not afford the space in our dedicated tv room, to spread 5 speakers around with the associated wiring etc. I then considered the virtues of a ‘sound bar’, these rely on phase shift to project the sound around the room. The yamaha stands out immediately as being the the only one i reviewed having 16 identical mid/high speaker drivers in a line source array [two speakers at each end like other manufacturers simply does not suffice.These are each driven by separate digital amplifiers and therefore are ideal for incremental phase shift control to accurately direct the sound ‘beam’ at variable angles. A microphone is supplied which in conjunction with a set-up program, calibrates the system to the room, and here it is worth mentioning that it is beneficial to alter furniture arrangements to ensure there are hard walls to reflect the sound at appropriate places; [we placed the sound bar above the screen rather than below, so the sound beams are above the sofa level for instance]. We also found that we got better calibration results if we waited until late at night so that no traffic noise would interfere with the calibration procedure. The bass unit is placed nearby and is less critical as very little directional effects arise from the lower frequency ranges. Having calibrated and set up the system, operation is simple enough and extremely effective. All in all an extremely pleasing result with particularly good treble and mid-range [essential for the dialect on many films].]

Very impressive piece of kit. I wanted surround sound, but didn’t want lots of wires. I started by looking for a surround sound system with wireless speakers, but quickly realised i’d still need power to the rear speakers and didn’t have anywhere convenient to put the speakers due to the layout of my living room. Luckily, during my investigations, i stumbled across the ysp-2200. And what an impressive piece of kit. I was also lucky to buy it just before everybody put their prices up from £700 to £800. It has a real quality feel (and not piano black, which i hate) and is very neat and compact – when it’s in position straddling my tv stand you can’t see any of the wires going into the back of the centre speaker. Connecting up my ps3, sky hd box and dvd/vhs player was really easy, and the ir repeater worked a treat. I used the provided optical cable for the sky box and the provided coax cable for the dvd player, so the only additional cable i needed was a hdmi cable to connect the ysp to my tv. The automatic setup was really easy, and the only change i’ve made is to tweak the bass and treble a little bit.

Good performer and unobtrusive. When my old av amplifier died i decided to look at some radical alternatives and chose this sound bar. It performs about as well as my old system which was a conventional 5. 1setup using a cambridge azur av amp and mission speakers. It is much lessintrusive in the living room. The sound stage is convincing and the surround sound effects aresubtle rather than brash. The automated setup system is excellentand the entire system was installed and configured in under an hour. It sits nicely in front of the flat screen tv with the subwoofer at theside. Being hdmi based hooking up the blu-ray and satellite box was simplicityitself and adding optical connections from my tv and logitech squeezeboxwas easy. Its not cheap but its very well made and well worth the money imho.

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