Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer : Great compact subwoofer for price

I have owned a few subs ranging from logitech,bose,tannoy and jbl and in all honesty this is the best sub out of them for me as bose coming 2nd. Great sub i have it plugged into my tv via red rca to headphone jack working with my bose companion 2. It sounds concert like and is 1/6 the price coming in at £180£100 for the bose companion 2£80 for the yamaha subwooferthis subwoofer is heavy than some other brands coming in at a whopping 10kg and 12kg when boxed. The bass is selectable and gives out a crisp and deep roar. You can also turn the sub on and off and also features a green power led. Now the box is sold and nicely built but. I have a problem with mine something is moving inside such as a screw or a bit of plastic but im not sending it back due to amazons weird delivery as followsordered friday with one day delivery–not posted until monday night at 7pm. So i hope my review helped you. Any questions about the sub or connecting it to a pc/tv without coaxel connector feel free to ask.

Yamaha ystfsw050bl subwoofer. Bought this to go with my new hi-fi system and it`s a great piece of gear. For the price i expected something very basic, not too well made, and sounding just ok. I was wrong, it`s very well made, looks great, sounds great, and i consider it to be a great bargain. Also comes with a sub cable so saves a bit more money.

Great compact subwoofer for price. Bought this to complement a ysp-600. They both fit neatly on the rack under the tv and although they aren’t the most beautifully designed products, they are fairly inobtrusive compared to having a full surround sound kit. To my ears the subwoofer sounds good and is great for general tv and dvds. It copes fairly well with music too, although i do prefer my dedicated hifi for that. All in all, if you are buying this you are probably not looking to spend a fortune in surround sound equipment, in which case this unit will not disappoint.

Key specs for Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer – Black:

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  • Floorstanding Design
  • Comes with HDMI cable
  • Yamaha Active Servo Technology II
  • 50W Output
  • 350mm x 163mm x 350mm

Comments from buyers

“A great subwoofer that compliments the YAS-101 soundbar nicely!, A decent, discreet budget sub!, This is a great little subwoofer.”

The bass is good, deep but unobtrusive, as i like it. You forget it is on until you switch it off and the overall sound seems to lose a lot of depth. The form factor is ideal for me, also. On the minus side, the ‘on’ switch is manually operated, and it never switches off by itself, so that’s a bit of a pain. You need a yamaha amplifier to switch it off remotely. You’ll have to put a remotely controlled power plug to avoid that inconvenience, or just get used to the continuous, although probably minimal, power consumption.

Fantastic, sub especially for the price. I bought it due to its shape, quite often powered subs are a big cube and difficult to fit anywhere in your room. This is a similar width to a sky box and twice as deep, it fits snugly under my sideboard and produces a really nice deep sound. I’ve connected mine to an onkyo amp, i’d say the only downside to this sub is that it doesn’t have an auto power on feature, you have to get up and manually switch it on, however you may not always want / need the subwoofer on so its swings and roundabouts really. Definitely gets my vote, feels pretty well made, and looks great.

This is a great little subwoofer. . I have just purchased this subwoofer and am very impressed with it. Although it is only the base model with an output of 50 watts the bass it produces is mind blowing. To top it all off the unit is extremely stylish and fits into my tv cabinet perfectly. To sum up i thoroughly recommend it to anyone in need of a sub.

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